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Can You Drink Green Tea While Intermittent Fasting – Astonishing Benefits!

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benefits for weight loss | benefits for fatigue | 3 tips for Green tea while fasting

Can you drink green tea while intermittent fasting? Let’s find out! There aren’t many rules for intermittent fasting. First, follow a certain eating and fasting schedule. Second, fast during your fasting hours.

But what does fasting exactly mean?

While it might be clear that fasting means avoiding any food, it can be a little confusing to understand what are fasting safe drinks. You can be sure that water has no calories but how about other more flavor-filled drinks? Can you, for example, drink tea while intermittent fasting?

Luckily for all the green tea fans, you won’t have to give it up when doing intermittent fasting. You can freely enjoy green tea also during your fasting period.

A cup of green tea contains around 2 calories. Unless you’re practicing a very strict form of fasting, a few calories won’t get in the way of your fast. If anything, adding green tea to your fast will only help you fast longer and make those hunger-filled hours a tad bit more pleasant.

Benefits of drinking green tea while fasting

During fasting, swapping a glass of water with a full-flavored drink like green tea could be enough of a benefit already. But green tea has more benefits that intermittent fasting fans will particularly appreciate.

Let’s take a look at how green tea could help with reaching your weight loss goals and combating fasting fatigue.

green tea while intermittent fasting

Green tea and intermittent fasting weight loss

Many intermittent fasters have found fasting to be a great tool to lose weight. Could green tea help with reaching your ideal weight?

Frankly, there isn’t sufficient evidence that green tea, or any drink for that matter, would melt the pounds off. However, there are some indications that drinking green tea could indirectly help you reach your weight goals. 

Many people find that a cup of green tea works as an appetite suppressant. The caffeine in green tea helps to curb appetite and may even improve metabolism through a process called thermogenesis.

That’s good news for anyone looking to lose weight while fasting – the less hungry you are, the less likely you are to break your fast. Not to mention that your fasting hours will be more enjoyable and less full of hanger.

Additionally, during your eating period, green tea can be a smart swap for sugary drinks or sodas. If you substitute a cup of green tea for one can of soda, over the next year you will avoid intaking thousands of calories.

Green tea and intermittent fasting fatigue

Every fasting follower almost inevitably experiences one of the most frequent intermittent fasting side effects – fatigue. This is a common culprit for breaking the fast, especially for intermittent fasting beginners.

It’s always better to treat the source than a symptom – first, try improving your sleep and diet to combat fasting fatigue.

However, sometimes you just need a quick fix. That’s where caffeine can help you. 

If you are not a coffee drinker, green tea can be a great substitute for an energizing intermittent fasting-friendly drink. It’s linked to tea’s caffeine content and while green tea contains less caffeine than coffee it’s enough to produce an effect.

Green tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which works synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function and at the same time reduce stress and anxiety-like symptoms.

Next time fasting tiredness hits, try reaching for a cup of green tea instead of coffee. Green tea should be just enough to wake you up without causing the anxiety and jitters often linked to coffee.

Green tea & intermittent fasting: 3 tips to follow

can you drink green tea while intermittent fasting

Go for plain green tea – green tea fasting

To enjoy a guilt-free fasting drink the rule number one is that it has to have zero (or close to zero) calories. Adding a teaspoon of sugar, syrup or milk to your drink is a no-go while fasting.

Enjoy your green tea plain and simple – just water and tea. You can add a slice of lemon to counteract any bitter flavors if you’ve steeped the tea for too long or try a bit of natural zero calories sweetener stevia if you crave some sweetness.

Avoid drinking green tea before sleep

While it might be tempting to enjoy a calming cup of tea before bedtime, green tea won’t be the best choice. The caffeine in green tea might interfere with your well-deserved good night’s sleep. 

If you’re still craving green tea to curb your evening fasting hunger, try a caffeine-free version of green tea. You might not be able to find it in a regular grocery store, order your green tea decaf here.

If you’re craving a warm fasting-friendly drink before bed, other great alternatives are teas that have a calming effect. Try chamomile, lavender or teas labeled as “bedtime”, “sleep”, “night time”.

Choose the right tea

It seems like an easy task to shop for green tea. However, there are still a few things to watch out for.

First, make sure there are no unnecessary additives on the ingredients list. Some teas, especially iced green teas, contain added sweeteners. Not a suitable option for a fasting-safe drink. 

To gain the most benefits from green tea, go for the most natural option. Loose leaf or whole leaf green tea is the most natural form of green tea. Usually, it’s better than those in bags in both taste and quality. If possible, opt for an organic product to avoid any chemicals. 

Pro tip: To save time and hassle, stock up on some organic green tea from here. 

More tips on intermittent fasting – Fasting with green tea

Personally I love green tea while fasting. The caffeine and theanine give you a calming energy, without the jitters! It’s great for fasting, or even during your feeding windows. Enjoy green tea its a super-drink!

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