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Want to lose weight and make eating super simple?

Loïc Le Meur
Loïc Le MeurFrench entrepreneur & blogger
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I decided to try intermittent fasting and just gave up eating anything except dinners. I was quite hungry the first two days. I was a little grumpy, too. Then the third day my body got used to it and no signs of hunger so I did it for 6 days in a row. I felt fantastic and lost quite a bit of weight.
Jack Dorsey
Jack DorseyCEO of Twitter
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During the day, I feel so much more focused… You have this very focused point of mind. The time back from breakfast and lunch allowed me to focus more on what my day is. Also, I can go to bed and actually knock out in 10 minutes, if not sooner than that.
Wim Hof
Wim Hof“The Iceman”, extreme athlete
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I feel the senses and cell activity get much more effective. Your body is using all the food. If I eat one meal after 6 pm, I can eat what I want. The next day, I'm slim again. That’s making the body work. But as we eat all day long, the body is not shutting down. It’s not effective anymore. It doesn’t go into survival mode. It’s not natural again. So it’s beginning to store up all the fats because it doesn’t know what to do. Because the deeper mechanisms are not working anymore.

Your challenge starts on April 6

Stop complaining and get into the best shape ever !

What results to expect after successfully completing OMAD challenge*:

86% participants

Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting

Lost 5-10 Lbs
(2-5 Kgs)


Reduce body fat with intermittent Fasting


Proved to be best in

Improve nutrition and relationship with food

Boosting AUTOPHAGY (cellular repair)

All OMAD benefits :

  • Lose weight and reduce body-fat percentage
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Help your organs recover
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Quit useless snacking habit
  • Save time and money
  • Improve brain function and increase productivity
  • Induce cellular repair processes

Get into the best shape ever!

Challenge Guidelines:


hour eating window

Consume all your food within the 1 hr window


Hours of fasting

Pick a fasting window that fits your schedule and stay consistent


Have one healthy and balanced meal during your eating window


The 3-Week Curriculum in a nutshell

Once you sign up, you’ll get all the material you’ll need to succeed once you start the OMAD challenge. 

OMAD Challenge guide (e-book), OMAD Diet Nutrition Info + Recipes (e-book), Daily Action Plan and invite to an exclusive Facebook community of people who are on the same journey. That’s what makes this challenge so powerful!

You will get introduced to different fasting methods, get an overview on what to eat on OMAD (and not), learn how to prepare a balanced meal (with macro & micronutrients explained), learn about side effects & how to avoid them, how to combine IF with sport, and much more. 

Enroll now! 

The first week sets the foundation for the OMAD diet and eating one meal a day. You will focus on educating yourself about Intermittent Fasting, OMAD lifestyle and finding your best fasting schedule.

You will slowly ease into 23/1 Fasting method and into eating one meal a day during the first couple of days, starting with 16/8 fasting first.

Sounds good, right? Join the challenge today.

During the second week of the challenge you will learn how to prepare balanced meals and learn more about healthy nutrition. 

Given you only eat one meal a day, it’s extremely important your meal is well balanced and includes all the required nutrients you need for the rest of the day.

Are you ready? Join today, start on Monday.

The last week of the challenge is focused on making sure the habit of eating one meal a day you have developed stays with you after the challenge is over (if you wish to).

You will learn about different tools to wire your brain to reach success easier. Also, you’ll get to try a popular Keto OMAD diet for a day. 

Get ready and sign up now!






You get all of this when you sign up today:

One meal a day 21-day challenge for beginners
21-day OMAD Fasting
Challenge Guide

  • 21-Day OMAD Challenge Guide (pdf)
  • OMAD Diet Nutrition Info + over 15 OMAD Recipes (pdf)
  • 21-Day OMAD Action plan​ (pdf)
  • Access to 21 Day Hero Member Area
  • Daily action and inspiration
  • Daily e-mail check-ins
  • Exclusive Facebook group to help you complete the challenge successfully
  • Progress Tracking Sheet​ (pdf)

Only 7 spots left!

Your Challenge dates: April 6 – April 26, 2020

Hurry up to sign up and get rid of that stubborn extra weight! 

Time left to sign up and transform your life:

Info on all you need to know to start OMAD
Frequently asked questions answered
Progress tracking sheet
Healthy diet nutritional basics
3-day example meal plan for Regular diet
Recipe examples for Keto, Vegetarian and Vegan diets

What you are getting when you sign up now:

  • 21 Day Challenge Action Plan
  • 21-Day OMAD Challenge Guide (pdf)
  • OMAD Diet Nutrition Info + OMAD Recipes (pdf)
  • Access to 21 Day Hero Member Zone
  • Daily Challenge Action Tips in your Members Area
  • Daily progress tracking checklist (on Member's zone)
  • Lifetime access across all your devices
  • Exclusive community to keep you accountable
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It’s quite simple. 

  1. Immediately after signing up, you will receive your login to the 21 Day Hero Member Zone. Your login information will also be sent to your per email.
  2. Once you login to the Member Zone, you will be able to see your Challenge on the Dashboard.
  3. Click on the respective Challenge to access your onboarding material and Challenge Guide pdf.
  4. Starting from Day 1 till 21, you’ll be getting daily info with a clear action to take + daily knowledge and inspiration nugget. Daily content unlocks each day of the challenge on the Member Zone . In addition, you will also receive a daily reminder per e-mail.
  5. You’ll be able to track your overall challenge progress on the Dashboard and also using the Progress Tracking Sheet in the Challenge guide. 
  6. To make sure you’re getting the most of your challenge, you will get invited to join an exclusive Facebook community. Your habit coaches and other challenge takers will be there to check in with you regularly and ask any questions you might have.

Once you sign up for the program, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with your Member Zone login.

Once you login to the Member Zone, you will find your OMAD Challenge Page with Challenge Guide Ebook, Nutritional Info Ebook and next steps described. 

The challenge alone does not include an OMAD meal plan, but you will receive a comprehensive nutritional information guide with detailed information on what to eat and how to create balanced meals (with macros explained).

You will also receive an example of a 3 day meal plan + over 15 delicious healthy OMAD recipes with macro breakdown.

This allows you to learn how to best incorporate one meal a day diet to your own unique lifestyle.

Please note that our meal plans are designed to fit 16/8 lifestyle and include 2 meals + 1 snack.

However, if you need more professional support on what to eat to get all required nutrients while on OMAD, you can easily adapt our 16/8 meal plans to fit the OMAD diet. You’ll simply have to eat all meals in the plan within 1 hour period, making it a nice three course dinner you deserve! 
You can read more about the Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan by clicking here.

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If after doing the search you are still unable to locate our email, please reach out to us on support@21dayhero.com . We will do our best to help you out!

Let’s be honest, free things do not motivate us. Cognitive psychologists found out why and they call it loss aversion. In simple terms, we are more motivated by fear of losing rather than a satisfaction of gaining.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but by paying for the OMAD challenge, you have a higher chance of successfully completing it and therefore enjoying all the OMAD benefits.

Also – it supports us and our team to keep providing you a ton of useful content that we share every week for free.

Due to the nature of the intellectual property, we are not be able to provide refunds after the purchase. Exceptions can be made in the case of a medical emergency accompanied by reasonable evidence, or if you contact us at support@21dayhero.com.

In the days when we might feel like our data is mistreated more often when we want to, at 21 Day Hero we put a great emphasis on making sure your privacy is respected at all times.

As stated in our Privacy Policy, we do not and will never share any personal data we collect (like Name and Email) with any third-parties. 

Well, it’s definitely on us. We’d love to hear more about your questions, concerns or suggestions at support@21dayhero.com 

21 Day OMAD Challenge a.k.a. One Meal A Day Challenge

What is OMAD? OMAD Diet (One Meal a Day Diet) is a form of Intermittent Fasting, where you alternate between 23 hours of fasting and 1 hour of eating window.

Simply put, by following OMAD you eat all of your daily calories in just one meal and hence, significantly simplify your eating pattern and save time. And… finally get yourself to reach amazing OMAD results!

21-Day OMAD Challenge is a great way to kick-off the OMAD diet. For 21 days you will follow a clear daily fasting plan and will receive daily learnings, OMAD  recipes and motivation to keep you going.

We break down all the information you need to know in short digestible format and deliver it day after day, following the methods of habit building.

* Eating one meal a day is rather extreme and not for everyone. We recommend to complete our regular 16/8 Intermittent Fasting Challenge first and only embark the OMAD challenge once you feel comfortable with 16/8 Intermittent Fasting lifestyle already. 

*DISCLAIMER: Challenge benefits reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who have finished this 21-day challenge. However, individual results may vary and we do not guarantee you will experience the same benefits and results as others.


Stay healthy! ❤︎

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