Best Coffee Creamer For Intermittent Fasting: 7 Top Options

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Does Coffee Creamer Break a Fast | 7 best coffee creamers for intermittent fasting

Well, what is the best coffee creamer for intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting has fast become one of the most common practices in modern nutrition. More and more nutritionists and medical professionals recommend fasting to deal with common ailments like obesity, coronary heart disease, and even certain hormonal diseases.

Typical forms of intermittent fasting are the 5/2 Days Plan, 16/8 Hours Plan, Alternate-Day, OMAD, Eat Stop Eat Plan. Studies have shown that following intermittent fasting can help us lessen the risk of diseases like Obesity, CHD, Cancer, and Aging.

Although it is generally advised that a person practicing intermittent fasting should avoid any calories during the fasting period, a few calories in the form of coffee, tea, and other low-calorie drinks won’t be an issue

But if you have questions about whether it is okay to include components like creamers and artificial sweeteners in these drinks, we will discuss that in-depth. Read more below as we get to the best coffee creamer for intermittent fasting.

The Best Coffee Creamer for Intermittent Fasting:

  • Laird Superfood Creamer
  • Bulletproof Original Creamer
  • Prymal Sugar-Free Creamer
  • Califia Farms Almond Creamer
  • Nestle Coffee Mate
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer
  • Smart For Life Zero Calorie Creamer

Does Coffee Creamer Break a Fast?

The brief answer to this question is yes, coffee creamers generally have calories and can break your fast.

However, why do many nutritionists and medical practitioners allow certain calories during the fasting period? Let us discuss the truth behind intermittent fasting coffee creamer.

Following a fasting routine requires endurance and self-discipline, which some may find challenging. Hence, consuming these low-calorie drinks during their fasting period can help you get through the fasting window.

Well, how many calories are in a coffee creamer? There are zero-calorie coffee creamers available for intermittent fasting that are perfectly fine to drink during the fasting period. However, be aware that they might have a bitter aftertaste which might be unpalatable for certain people. Also, they often have chemicals and artificial sweeteners which are not very good for health, particularly for diabetic or obese people.

For a sweetener I use this – Better Stevia Organic powder – its PERFECT To sweeten with no calories and fasting friendly!

Therefore, we will focus on low-calorie or keto-friendly fasting best coffee creamer for intermittent fasting.

What are the potential benefits of drinking coffee while intermittent fasting?

  • Weight loss – Coffee has shown benefit in some studies along with proper diet and fasting to promote advanced weight loss
  • Autophagy – Intermittent fasting, is a great way to increase autophagy in your body. Coffee also promotes autophagy, throughout the heart, muscles, and liver. This the recovery of damaged cells in your body. As a result, the two can produce the renewal process in your body.
  • Insulin Sensitivity – intermittent fasting and caffeine have been known to reduce glucose intolerance and insulin sensitivity
  • Ketosis – Coffee consumption has shown the potential to increase ketones in the brain.
  • Energy – one of the obvious benefits, it can boost your energy during periods of fasting lag that may occur.

Best coffee creamer for intermittent fasting – Top 7

1. Laird Superfood Non-Dairy Original Coffee Creamer with Functional Mushrooms: Low calorie superfood creamer

As its name suggests, the Laird Superfood Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer is preferred by many, officially endorsed by the high-performing athlete- Laird Hamilton. It is made from coconut milk extracts that provide a rich and creamy texture while still providing essential MCT oils, which help achieve a satiated feeling, which can help during intermittent fasting. 

The Functional Mushroom mix makes the Laird Coffee Creamer stand out amongst its competition. It contains performance mushrooms like Chaga, which improves the immune system, and cordyceps, which has specific antioxidant properties and is known to support stamina. Lion’s Mane- which stimulates brain function and cognitive function, and Maitake, is a great source of polysaccharides, beta-glucans, vitamins B and C, and fiber.

The Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer has no sugar additives and no artificial colors, and it comes in different flavors like cacao, turmeric, pumpkin spice, and vanilla.

Since it is made from coconut extracts it is soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. A teaspoon of Laird  Superfood Coffee Creamer consists of just 10 calories. So people who are not very strict with their fasting regime can try the Laird Coffee Creamer as its health benefits are pretty impressive.

2. Bulletproof Original Creamer, Keto Coffee Creamer with MCT Oil, and Grass-Fed Butter: Best for Keto Intermittent Fasting

The Bulletproof Coffee Creamer is an excellent choice for keto diet enthusiasts that also practice Intermittent fasting. The two main ingredients of this coffee creamer are MCT oil and grass-fed butter.

Bulletproof claims that these ingredients are sourced naturally, mainly the MCT oil extracted from coconuts. In terms of benefits, the MCT oil and grass-fed butter combine with the natural caffeine of the coffee to provide sustained energy throughout the day.

A single scoop contains almost 100 calories, 10 grams of quality fats, and less than 2 grams of carbohydrates. The product contains no artificial sweeteners. In terms of taste, the grass-fed butter makes the coffee exceptionally creamy. 

People who strictly practice fasting and don’t follow the keto diet might stay away from this creamer, but people who are lenient about what they eat while fasting can benefit from this creamer, as it enables them to keep satiated while fasting and fast for longer. 

3. PRYMAL Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer: Low calorie & low-carb option 

The PRYMAL Sugar-free Coffee Creamer is another great option for a coffee creamer for keto diet. One of the main ingredients of PRYMAL Coffee Creamer is coconut, namely coconut milk, and coconut oil. It is a great source of fats like lauric acid and MCT oils. PRYMAL claims to use caseinate as the MCT Oil carrier, making the product dairy-free and gluten-free.

PRYMAL uses its proprietary blend of sweeteners like KetoSweet, natural sweeteners, and sugar alcohols – erythritol, monk fruit, chicory root, and stevia.

PRYMAL Coffee Creamer comes in a host of different flavors like birthday cake, cinnamon dolce, pumpkin spice, red velvet, salted caramel, etc., so it can suit every taste. 

Although it is sugar-free, it does contain calories, which can be up to 45 calories per 10 grams. It should be noted that the PRYMAL Coffee Creamer is not vegan.

4. Califia Farms Almond Milk: Best Milk For Intermittent Fasting Coffee

The Califia Farms Almond Milk is primarily almond milk, and it is an excellent choice for people who do not like the taste and texture of a coconut-powder-based creamer. 

Since it is made of almond milk, it has a familiar flavor compared to other coconut-based coffee creamers. In terms of nutritional facts, it is unsweetened milk; hence it contains 0 grams of sugar and is only 20 calories per 4 fl oz (120 ml). Also, it is an excellent source of calcium.

Califia Farms mentions that their almond milk is plant-based and vegan-friendly; it is also GMO-free and free from carrageenan. Another thing that makes this a great coffee creamer is that it is in liquid form, and it mixes very easily with coffee, yielding a creamy cup of coffee.

Although it must be pointed out that it is a perishable coffee creamer, its taste can get spoiled if not stored well. Since Califia Farms Almond milk contains no sugar, some people might want to add artificial sweeteners to their coffee.

5. Nestle Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer: Easy to use Low-calorie creamer

The Nestle Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer is the most famous and widely accepted coffee creamer on the market. Made from coconut, it is the best coffee creamer on the list in terms of taste and texture, but what it gains in taste, it loses in nutrition, as it contains sugar and certain artificial flavors. Although it is proven to be lactose-free, it does have a tiny amount (2%) of Sodium Caseinate, which is a milk derivative so it won’t be vegan-friendly.

A single tub of 11mL of Nestle Coffee-Mate contains 25 calories and 3 grams of sugar.

People who can look past the added sugar and artificial flavoring agents should go for the Nestle Coffee-Mate as their preferred coffee creamer. It is second to none in terms of taste and variety of flavors.

Whereas, people who are a bit strict about their fasting diets should look elsewhere as there are better coffee creamers on the market, which might not taste that good but have a much more nutritional value.

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Coffee Creamer: Best Collagen Coffee Creamer

Another great keto-friendly fasting coffee creamer available in the market is the Vital Proteins Collagen Coffee Creamer, made with ingredients like collagen peptides, organic coconut milk, organic bamboo shoot, and organic acacia fiber. It can give a nutritional boost if consumed during the Intermittent Fasting period.

The Collagen Peptides present in the Vital Proteins Collagen Coffee Creamer are sourced from special grass-fed free-ranged bovine. Collagen helps support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. 

Since it is made from coconut milk powder, it contains 1 gram of sugar per serving, which amounts to 140 calories per serving.

The Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer is gluten-free and paleo-friendly, and it is bioavailable- meaning it is easily digested and assimilated by the body. It can also be a sweet addition to a granola mix or morning cereal.

7. Smart for Life Zero Calorie Coffee Creamer: Best Zero calorie creamer

The Smart for Life Zero Calorie Coffee Creamer is a Zero calorie coffee creamer that won’t break a fast. It is a great choice for people who are very strict about their diet. It for sure won’t break your fast as it contains zero calories.

Smart for Life claims to have spent ten years developing this zero-calorie formula, which is gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free. Although it has several benefits, it is a bit lacking in taste, as consumers have frequently mentioned that it is a bit watery and chalky. Also, since it contains artificial sweeteners, there is a certain bitter aftertaste to it.

Hence, people who don’t mind the bitter aftertaste and texture should choose the Smart for Life Zero Calorie Coffee Creamer, as it is the only true zero-calorie coffee creamer on this list.

In Conclusion

What is the best coffee creamer for intermittent fasting? Now, you know you can have a cup of coffee and not worry about calories even during the fasting period. If it encourages you to complete the fast in the first place, then why not?

So, most coffee creamers will break the fast, but they certainly help the person to better navigate through the fasting window. 

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