What Is The Best Tea For Intermittent Fasting? Here Is The Top 6

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Can You drink tea while fasting | Benefits | 6 teas for fasting

Tea and intermittent fasting is a great match.

With zero calories allowed during the fasting window, there are not many drink options out there. It makes water, coffee and tea the 3 safe intermittent fasting drinks. 

However, if you’re not a fan of black coffee, tea will become your best companion during moments of hunger in the fasting window.

Before enjoying a cup of tea while fasting, there are a couple of things to answer. We looked into questions like:

To make your tea choice even easier, we’ve researched the best intermittent fasting teas. After reviewing a couple of the best-rated ones, I made a fasting-safe list of the 6 best teas for intermittent fasting. 

Can you Drink Tea While Fasting?

Yes, you can drink tea while fasting. As a matter of fact, drinking tea while following intermittent fasting can even help boost your weight loss results. Tea suppresses appetite and helps fight off unhealthy cravings. It will help you feel full, so you don’t mess up your limited eating window. 

There are a couple of rules, though.

First, tea has to be unsweetened. Make sure you choose a tea that does not contain any added sugar, sweeteners, or additional ingredients like “artificial flavoring”. If you like your tea with a spoonful of sugar, leave it for the eating window and have your tea plain and unsweetened during fasting.

Secondly, check the nutritional facts label before buying your fasting tea. Some popular teas like matcha tea, fruit teas, or chai tea might have additional ingredients like milk powder, sugar, honey, or other additives that could cause you to break the fast. Ideally, go for the most natural option. Most green, black, herbal teas don’t have any additional ingredients other than the tea itself. These will be a safe choice for your fasting days. 

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Tea While Fasting?

Tea and fasting work well together as tea helps with suppressing appetite. You can feel fuller and stick to your fasting window easier. What’s even better, consuming tea while intermittent fasting has more benefits beyond just suppressing the appetite:

  • It helps regulate your blood sugar levels
  • Reduces internal inflammation, therefore, helping with digestion problems
  • Green tea, in particular, boosts energy levels without adding too much caffeine to your system, so you can feel active without feeling jittery
  • Packs your body with healthy antioxidants that fight off fasting side effects
  • Improves the condition of your skin

While black and green tea is a popular choice when fasting, you can also try herbal tea. There are several delicious herbal tea types. Each one will deliver different benefits based on the characteristic of the herbs.

For example, chamomile tea has a calming effect; peppermint is a natural cure for an upset stomach; ginger tea is known to prevent nausea and rooibos tea is full of health-promoting antioxidants. After all, herbal teas have been used as traditional medicine for centuries. Yet another reason to add tea to your fasting drink list.

The Best Tea for Intermittent Fasting

While most plain teas from a store can be a safe intermittent fasting drink, some brands specialize in teas that promote weight loss and are fasting-friendly. If you’re serious about shedding pounds during intermittent fasting, the right tea blend can help you boost your weight loss results.

Nowadays, when shopping can be as easy as clicking a few buttons, I went online to find the best-reviewed and most popular teas for intermittent fasting. Based on ingredients, popularity and reviews online here comes the list of the 6 best teas for intermittent fasting. 

#1 Immortalitea Diet Tea: Fasting Tea for Weight Loss

This fasting tea combines 11 herbs to boost your metabolism and help control hunger. It’s a healthy and refreshing mixture of ginseng, ginger, Chinese yam root, red dates, poria, rehmannia, licorice, atractylodes, peony, dogwood fruit, and alisma. You can really taste the variety of flavors in one cup of this tea.

There’s also a philosophy behind the creation of Immortalitea Diet tea. The blend is prepared according to an ancient Taoist formula that regulates the flow of the Chi, which is your body’s natural energy. You will feel alert and active, even with a limited eating window, so that you can stick to your fasting schedule. 

Each pack contains a full 600 grams of concentrated tea, so one is enough to give you all the health benefits. This tea is water-soluble, which is perfect for making a refreshing ice tea. Another advantage of water-soluble tea for forgetful people like me – it’s made instantly so you can easily avoid a bitter over-steeped tea.

Why I Liked It:
  • A combination of 11 herbs that boost metabolism and add a rich flavor
  • Made specifically for fasting to suppress hunger
  • Concentrated formula that’s water soluble – convenient and perfect for iced teas

#2 Yogi Tea: Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life

Yogi “Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life” tea is a mix of green tea, bright hibiscus, and sweet blueberry. It tastes very natural but flavourful at the same time. A great choice for someone looking for a bit of energy boost as it has caffeine from green tea. Additionally, the mix of other ingredients like blueberries and hibiscus gives it a wholesome taste. 

Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, eleuthero roots, and ginseng also contribute to an increase in stamina and gives another taste nuance. This was my go-to tea to enjoy in the morning to get a kick of energy and reduce hunger before breaking the fast at 12 pm.

Yogi teas are also organic and have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Nice individual packages and compostable bags is yet another bonus. 

To get the most out of your cup, bring water to boiling and steep the tea bag for 3 minutes. You can add 2 bags to enhance the flavor of your intermittent fasting green tea. 

Why I Liked It:
  • Gives you a boost of energy thanks to green tea
  • A flavorful mix of organic ingredients
  • Promotes faster weight loss results and detoxes the body

#3 Pique Tea: Organic Mint Green Tea

The organic jasmine tea is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. One cup will give you 12 times more antioxidants than regular tea, which means this tea will not only boost your weight loss but also overall health. 

Pique fasting tea comes in water-soluble packaging so you can easily enjoy it both hot and cold.

When researching more about the Pique fasting tea, you can find that it’s sourced from the Mogan Mountain National park, located at 2000 ft elevation. That’s granting you a cup of pure organic tea that doesn’t contain any insecticides or toxins. 

Why I Liked It:
  • Packed with healthy antioxidants and polyphenol for a healthy gut and detox
  • Water-soluble to enjoy both hot and iced
  • Aromatic and flavorful jasmine taste

#4 Yogi Tea: Healthy Fasting Tea

This Yogi fasting tea is a tasty blend of licorice, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. These herbs and spices help get rid of harmful toxins, so that you can lose weight faster. If you’re not a fan of drinking green tea while intermittent fasting and don’t want to compromise on taste, this one’s for you.

This herbal tea has a rich and sweet taste thanks to licorice and cinnamon. Therefore, you will especially appreciate it during the fasting window when hunger kicks in and you’re craving an extra flavor.  

Because it’s made of natural ingredients, you can safely drink up to 10 cups per day. Just add boiling water and leave it to steep for 7 minutes, and your tea will be ready.

Why I Liked It:
  • Made specifically to promote weight loss when doing intermittent fasting
  • Contains no caffeine which means you can enjoy it any time of the day
  • A great mix of herbs that gives the tea rich taste

#5 Gaia Herbs: Cleanse & Detox Herbal Tea

detox tea while intermittent fasting

Gaia Herbs tea is great if you’re looking for detox and weight loss. It’s a versatile mix of herbs like rooibos, fennel, aloe vera and others. A nice addition is the lemon and peppermint essential oils. To top it all, the ingredients are organic and caffeine-free. Therefore, this tea can be enjoyed in the evening without worrying about disturbing your sleep.

This fasting tea is highly rated on Amazon and has a loyal group of fans. People praise it’s natural ingredients and share weight loss results in the review section. It can be the perfect option if you’re looking for herbal intermittent fasting tea.

Why I Liked It:
  • Contains no caffeine to help fight off stress and insomnia
  • Natural ingredients and flavor
  • Detoxifies the body and supports healthy liver function

#6 Dr. Berg’s Tea: Keto Fasting Tea

Another tea made specifically for an intermittent fasting follower, as it helps to stick to your goals by suppressing the appetite.

It’s endorsed by a keto and intermittent fasting expert Dr. Berg and combines several healthy herbal ingredients like rooibos, ginseng, cinnamon and ginger. This combination helps your body get rid of unhealthy toxins, so you can start losing weight fast by burning fats. 

This tea should help suppress appetite and can be a go-to choice for people doing keto. The flavor is great too and tea being caffeine-free lets you enjoy many cups in a day without worrying about getting too alert.

Why I Liked It:
  • Cleansing tea to get rid of toxins
  • Suppresses your appetite without affecting your energy levels
  • Endorsed by intermittent fasting and keto expert Dr. Berg

A warm cup of tea on a rainy winter day or a refreshing ice tea in summer can really make your day. When doing intermittent fasting, that cup of tea can be one of the ways to reduce hunger and help stick to your intermittent fasting schedule.

Did you find the best tea for your intermittent fasting window?

If you have more questions on intermittent fasting friendly drinks, take a look at our article “What Can You Drink During Intermittent Fasting”.  We’ve got an extensive list of do’s and don’t during your fasting window.

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