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frequently asked questions

Once you sign up for a challenge, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with the next steps described along with the Challenge Guide Ebook.

Our challenges are designed with a busy lifestyle in mind. Your daily tasks and learnings normally shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes a day.

Let’s be honest, free things do not motivate us. Cognitive psychologists found out why and they call it loss aversion. In simple terms, we are more motivated by fear of losing rather than the satisfaction of gaining.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but by paying for a challenge, you have a higher chance of successfully completing it and therefore enjoying all the benefits associated with it.

Also – it supports us and our team to keep providing you a ton of useful content that we share every week for free.

Challenge benefits reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who have finished our 21-day challenges or are based on scientific studies related to the challenge topic. However, individual results may vary and we do not guarantee you will experience the same benefits and results as others.

Due to the nature of the intellectual property, we are not be able to provide refunds after the purchase. Exceptions can be made in the case of a medical emergency accompanied by reasonable evidence, or if you contact us at

In the days when we might feel like our data is mistreated more often when we want to, at 21 Day Hero we put a great emphasis on making sure your privacy is respected at all times.

As stated in our Privacy Policy, we do not and will never share any personal data we collect (like Name and Email) with any third parties unless we have your clear permission.