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DoFasting Products Review: See the Results with this Amazing App

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Purchase Flow | DoFasting App Review | DoFasting Supplement Review | Smart Scale Review

DoFasting attracted my attention due to its full scale of offered products related to intermittent fasting and being one of the top choices for 2023!

By Far the Best Fasting app I have come across, and I have tested over 40 apps for fasting, is the DoFasting App. Meal planning, to scheduling, to tips, it guarantees your chances of success, and most people have lost 1-2 lbs their first week!

DoFasting App Review

Of course, I purchased all the products to test them and share my thoughts. 

So without further ado, I’ll walk you through the process of purchasing products and then review each one individually to deliver my own evaluation.

Purchase Flow

To purchase DoFasting apps and products such, I followed this link. DoFasting suggested completing a short quiz to find out how the program would help me achieve my weight loss goals. There were a series questions asking about my gender, eating habits, desired weight, exercise habits, and current weight. This questionnaire seems to be the base for a personal intermittent fasting plan.  It’s so they can customize your plan for YOU.

Once you complete the quiz and provide your email address, you will be redirected to pricing; it seemed a bit confusing to me at first, so I will examine it in more detail for you.

Paid app costs are as follow:

  • $1.00 Trial Period – Click here to take the quiz for your customized plan, its free until you start the trial.

After choosing the subscription type, all that is left is to purchase and download DoFasting’s intermittent fasting app with any of the most popular credit cards available.  But again it’s only $1, so get far more than you pay right off the bat.

If I was serious about starting my fasting journey, I would probably go for the 6-month program because it is a pricey plan to buy for a month but a quite cheap one for a longer period. Considering how tough it would be to become adjusted to the fasting pattern in just a month, the long-term solution seems to be a win-win option.

Now, let’s take a look at how the app works, its features and if it can help to begin fasting. 

DoFasting App

Read this Amazing Testimonial from Andrea – DoFasting User

DoFasting App

Beginning. Why did you want to lose weight? What encouraged you to take action and start changing your lifestyle (to try intermittent fasting)?

(Andrea) In the beginning, I wanted to lose weight because I was uncomfortable with my body, and I was embarrassed. I didn’t feel like the reflection that looked back at me in the mirror. I have read books about intermittent fasting, and I’ve known people who have had incredible results.

What was your weight goal?

When I started DoFasting, 200lbs was my goal weight.

Did you have any struggles or setbacks that kept you dissatisfied with your results? How did you feel back then?

I have had my share of setbacks with dieting. I have been at my goal weight before and gained it all back because of unrealistic diet expectations, guilt, and battles with emotional eating.

What results have you achieved?

DoFasting has helped me get to the point of confidence with fasting and even my relationship with food. I have not reached my goal weight yet, but I am loving the person I am shaping into. I have lost 34lbs and am less than 20lbs away from my goal weight. I have a whole new outlook on my relationship with food and the confidence to know that I have adopted fasting as a way of life. I don’t have the urge to eat anymore emotionally!

Which method of intermittent fasting worked the best for you?

I started with the app’s recommendation, and I’m so glad I did. After my first week, I switched to 16:8, which seems to be great with my schedule. I have recently made a lot of improvements in my life, which have adjusted my work schedule, sleep schedule, etc. I have learned to tailor my fasts for times when I know I am able to fast for 18-20+ hours.

How long did it take to see a difference?

When I started DoFasting, I lost 5lbs in my first week. I began to see results right away. Fasting has helped with bloating and digestion; even my skin looks much better!

When did the DoFasting app come into your horizons?

April 19, 2022, is when this amazing program popped up on my Facebook feed. I took the plunge, and I am never going back!

Did you feel any significant health improvements? Increased energy levels or anything similar?

Health improvements include clarity and focus, better sleep, more energy, weight loss, regulated digestion, clearer skin, and most importantly, confidence in myself.

What would you like to tell others who are starting their journey?

It is always a bit nerve-wracking to start something new. Stick with the process. Believe in yourself. Understand that our bodies are not meant to eat all day. Not only will you shed unnecessary pounds, but you will gain so much resolve, confidence, and understanding when it comes to your body.

What are your further goals?

I want to continue my fasting journey. I’m not sure what my end weight will be! I’m so happy with the person I have found in myself. Fasting has really helped me see how strong I am. My success story is about finding the Andrea I lost so many years ago to low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and emotional eating.

To add, I don’t know if it is relevant or not. I unexpectedly lost my job in June. I was devastated. The old me would have derailed and comforted myself in food, given up on exercise, and lost hope in my goals. I think that having made so much progress with fasting and learning that I am a strong person and am self-disciplined helped me see the opportunity for growth. I put myself out there and took a chance on a career-changing job opportunity that I wouldn’t have dreamed of applying for in the past. Now, a month later and I have that job! I have made wonderful connections and friends. I have started a whole new chapter in my life. It amazes me to see all the areas of improvement that have occurred for me by just taking the step to be more healthy.

Try the DoFasting App Here for $1 – Limited Time Only! Risk Free trial offer. They give you a short quiz to customize the plan to your needs and schedule.

DoFasting App

Our DoFasting App Review – #1 Rated App by experts:

The DoFasting Intermittent Fasting app has 8 main features useful for IF practices:

  • Fasting timer
  • Workout selections
  • Articles about health practices
  • Meal ideas selections
  • Calorie tracker
  • Water intake tracker
  • Step tracker
  • Weekly health reports

My personal favorites are the user-friendly fasting timer and DoFasting recipes. While I did not find the calorie tracker that useful because it seemed that the food database was missing some ingredients, I must mention that not all people who practice IF count their daily caloric intake in the first place.

The fasting timer allows you to choose a personal fasting plan – it’s a convenient feature as the app adapts to both beginners and experienced fasters. For beginners, the DoFasting team suggests trying a 12-hour fast, while for people who aim to lose weight, a 16-hour fast is recommended. Users can begin fasts manually and see whatever intermittent fasting phase they are currently in during the fasting period.

The recipes section with meal suggestions may seem like an odd feature for an intermittent fasting app, but I found learning new recipes and applying them to a daily routine can be a great help for weight management. There are even healthier alternatives to pizzas, burgers, and sweet treats; in fact, substituting less healthy meals with app-offered alternatives can help lower caloric intake.

The app is compatible with Health and Fitbit applications, as well as smart scales.

Get the DoFasting App with our exclusive $1 Trial period Here.

Testimonials – DoFasting Results from Actual Customers:

DoFasting Intermittent fasting app
DoFasting App review
DoFasting App review
DoFasting App reviews

Can I Trust this app? This is the Trustpilot Score

DoFasting Review

Get the DoFasting App with our exclusive $1 Trial period Here.

DoFasting App

Huge Benefits of Fasting:

DoFasting app benefits

What Are some Alternatives to DoFasting:

Well, we reviewed lots of apps, so I would recommend Lasta or SoonFasting, but really nice apps!

Lasta – #2 Rated App

Lasta fasting app
lasta features


SoonFasting – #3 Rated App

SoonFasting app


DoFasting Supplement Review

Along with the mobile application, DoFasting offers supplements that could be a great help for any weight loss journey. I ordered one box of each offered product and took them as prescribed on the package.

DoFasting Appetite Suppressant

My top choice was the essential fiber complex box. I can only share my opinion on the strawberry one since that’s what I purchased.

The flavor and appearance of the dietary fiber are both excellent. Before I began fasting, I took one serving, and my stomach felt fuller for a longer period of time than it would otherwise.

Plus, the product is manufactured in California, which adds extra trust to the product.

BHB Ketone for Energy Boost

In my opinion, BHB Ketone is more of a general supplement that can be readily adapted to different diets than just IF. So, I’d say it’s useful to have when reaching your goal weight or even starting fasting. 

Again, the taste and packaging look great, but I don’t really have much to say, except that it’s not the number one product I would buy specifically for IF. Generally, the BHB Ketone has manu health benefits: decreases appetite, boosts energy levels, extends the body’s longevity, and even improves physical performance.

DoFasting Supplements can be ordered here.

Smart Scale Review

The Smart Scale is a great gadget if you are getting the app. The integration between these two products is flawless, and I’m truly enjoying the combo and will most likely use them in the future.

Unlike all the other diet and fitness apps, DoFasting was able to introduce a product that is highly motivating not only on paper but in real life as well. Knowing my bone, fat, and even skeletal muscle mass allows me to understand the exact phase of my body composition and what actions I should take to improve my health.

Verdict – DoFasting App Review

The bottom line is I enjoyed the DoFasting products and using the DoFasting app.  Being in an intermittent fasting community which I participate in regularly, I’ve heard many success stories of 20,30,50 pound weight loss and beyond staying on a fasting plan, and DoFasting played a large role in helping these people reach their goals and hold them accountable. As always, watch your calorie intake, don’t eat processed foods, and exercise regularly to get the most benefit from your fasting program.

DoFasting App is one best fasting apps for your weight loss program, and overall health plan.

Another less satisfactory factor about the mobile application is that there is no free version, but again, when it’s paid, you are more likely to be accountable and reach the target weight faster. And its only a $1 so it is practically a free Trial to test it out, so you have almost nothing to lose! Give it a shot and see how it works for you!

Get the DoFasting App with our exclusive $1 Trial period Here. From the Google Play store or Apple app store. Click our link above to take the quiz to get your customized intermittent fasting plan that is best for you!


  • DoFasting Supplements and intermittent fasting practices are suitable only for healthy adults.
  • DoFasting Supplements should not be completely substituted for food intake.
  • DoFasting Supplements are not recommended for people with eating disorders.
  • Please check your own dietary restrictions before starting any of the reviewed supplements.
  • Please consult your physician if you are facing any chronic diseases such as high blood sugar levels or if you are breastfeeding or expecting.

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