What happens when you quit sugar: Our experience with 21-Day No Sugar Challenge

Ready to embark on a no sugar diet and are curious about what happens when you quit sugar?

You’re in the right place!

I will look into why and how to quit sugar and share my and my husband’s experience with doing 21-day long sugar detox.

Five reasons to quit Sugar

Before I share our no sugar diet journey, let me quickly remind you why you should even consider quitting sugar.  

Below are the top five reasons you should quit sugar, as highlighted by Heather Bauer, a registered dietitian and New York State Certified dietitian-nutritionist (originally shared on Sweetdefeat). 

  1. Sugar raises your risk of Type 2 (and Type 3) Diabetes
  2. Sugar is highly addictive (the more you eat, the more you want it) and causes brain fog
  3. Eating sugar can lead to an increase in dangerous belly fat 
  4. A diet full of sugar triggers premature aging and cause your skin to lose elasticity
  5. Sugar interferes with the “good” bacteria in your gut causing inflammation, irritation, and allergies. 

How we quit sugar for 21-day days

Our experience with 21-day no sugar challenge

We are very health conscious already and try to eat as clean and healthy as possible. 

However, we do from time to time like to eat a piece of high-quality dark chocolate, get a pastry together with our Sunday coffee, or eat out without controlling ourselves too much. 

For 3 weeks we said NO to all of that.

We decided to completely remove added sugar from our diets for 21 days. Here are the rules we were the following:


  • We prepared almost every meal at home so we could control easier the ingredients. Even if we already cook a lot at home and would bring our lunches to work rather frequently, it did require additional planning and effort.
  • We improved our baking skills. To motivate ourselves and our friends, we made our own healthy bread, cookies and brownies several times during the diet. To be honest, it was probably the most baking I´ve done over the past years!
  • We said no to all goodies at work – bread and snacks during the aperos, birthday cakes and other unhealthy foods.

So what happened when we quit sugar?


We felt constant hunger, especially during the first week. 

Our bodies were getting used to the new diet and we lost some weight, which made us crave for more food.

We lost ca 1kg of weight each. Most of it we lost during the 1st week when we naturally reduced our caloric intake by quitting sugar.

This, however, made us feel hungry and unhappy, and hence in the second week, we added more healthy fats to our diets to compensate caloric deficit.

This stabilized our weight and made us much happier and more satisfied.


We experienced some sugar cravings during the first days, but during the second week, the cravings were gone. 

Sugar can get very addictive (see our interview with nutrition expert Brooke Alpert), and since we cut it out completely, our bodies no longer asked for it.


We had to learn to read labels and be extra cautious when eating out.

For example, we tried to find sugar/sweetener free bacon in our local grocery shop, but didn’t manage! Also, when eating out we tried to avoid all bakery products and sauces.


Dovile´s acne pro- skin improved slightly.

The change was not drastic, but the skin did clear out a bit.


In the first weeks we felt tired and fatigued – at one point it got difficult for Dovile to keep up with her regular fitness routine.

This is probably linked to the sugar withdrawal and macronutrient changes in the diet.


We went to Italy during the challenge – poor us, right? Sorry to tell this, but traveling was not as fun as it used to be.

- Click infographic to enlarge -


YES, definitely. If not so much for the results, then at least to get more aware of how much sugar we consume, even if you think you are already very healthy.

Want to quit sugar?

Join our 21-Day No Sugar Challenge and unlock your benefits of this superpower! 

Your results might be even better than ours! And oh, with our help it couldn’t get easier!

No Sugar Challenge plan


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  • E-book 21-Day No Sugar Challenge Guide (pdf) with everything you need to successfully master the no sugar diet and lifestyle
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  • Access to community of like-minded people from all over the world on Facebook


Thank YOU for dropping by! We are super curious to hear what is your experience from cutting sugar? 

Each of your comments are very important and exciting to us and we appreciate you guys taking the time!


Dovile Sinke
Dovile Sinke
Dovile is interested in all things related to health, fitness and nutrition. She's a hard-core fitness freak - you can either meet her doing some sorts of intense HIIT training, walking in the park or unwinding with a cup of vegan cappuccino after a relaxing yoga class. Dovile is a founder of 21 Day Hero, responsible for the content and running the entire show.

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