10 best weight loss Apps to track your nutrition and fitness goals

Weight loss is a difficult process and we could all do with a helping hand.

With the constant evolution of technology and our smartphones, weight loss tools such as exercise videos, coaches and weight loss apps are becoming increasingly accessible. 

And… luckily, weight loss apps are helping people all around the world to become fitter! How? 

By making you feel more accountable, defining and tracking your calorie intake and your exercise regime. 

We know it can be confusing to find a good app when there are so many out there.

So you’re probably wondering, what is the best weight loss app

After sifting through a number of app ratings and reading through many weight loss articles we have compiled a list of what we consider are the 10 best weight loss apps to help you kick-start your weight loss journey.

So keep reading, and you might find a perfect weight loss app just for you!

1. my fitness pal

MyFitnessPal App

Ratings and Price:

Main features:

  • Database with over 5 million food items 
  • Barcode function to scan any product
  • Comprehensive reports to track your progress 
  • Compatible with other apps like Fitbit, MapMyRun, Apple Health app

One cannot write a best weight loss apps article without mentioning My Fitness Pal by Under Armour. This app is an all-rounder that tracks your exercise and nutrition intake, which allows you to log your meals (either manually or by scanning a barcode). 


For the premium version, the most rigorous of us are in for a treat. The premium version allows you to set specific macro-based goals for each meal to track your carb, protein and fat intakes. It also gives you access to interactive comprehensive reports (e.g. pie charts) and calorie-centered fitness goals.  A dedicated customer service, secret tips and articles is also a nice addition! 


Since the food database include loads of users’ entries, we find that the nutrition displayed is sometimes not accurate, which makes it harder to select the right product.

2. cron-o-meter

Cronometer App weight loss app

Ratings and Price:

Main features:

  • Extremely comprehensive nutrition tracking (barcode scanner included), with over 60 nutrients available
  • Possibility to add custom foods and recipes 
  • Allows you to upload your progress photos and estimate your body fat percentage
  • Supports Intermittent Fasting and diets like Keto, Paleo, Vegan
  • Compatible with apps like Apple Health app, Fitbit, Strava and other

Cron-o-meter is another weight loss app that tracks nutrition, fitness and health data, while focusing on optimal nutrient intake. With 60 nutrients available, it definitely stands out for people interested in accurate scanning of what they get from their meals.

Additional features include “Trends” that displays your progress towards the set goal and “Snapshot” that allows you to upload progress pictures and estimate your body fat percentage. The app also contains a very comprehensive forum with plenty of information, to discuss with other users and learn more about nutrition and fitness topics of your interest. 

The premium version of Cron-o-meter gives you access to create custom diary groups like breakfast, lunch and dinner and the possibility to timestamp them to suit your busy schedule. The biometrics tool is very relevant if you suffer from a metabolic condition, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, or if you are involved in a special eating pattern or diet such as Intermittent Fasting. The premium account also promises you a priority lane for efficient customer service support, and the ability to share your recipes with friends and family.

Although it appears great as a meal planning app for weight loss, you might find it quite restricted depending on your preferences and cultural background. Additionally, you will have to upgrade your plan to experience it ad-free. 

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan PDF


Order Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan prepared with a professional dietitian’s (R.D.) guidance and receive:

  • 21-day Keto, Vegan or Balanced Diet Intermittent Fasting 16/8 Meal Plan
  • Male and Female versions for weight loss available
  • Easy-to-cook recipes with detailed macros
  • Weekly shopping list for ultimate convenience
  • Nutrition guidelines for a healthy Intermittent Fasting diet

3. fooducate


Ratings and Price:

Main features:

  • Barcode scanner immediately notifies you whether a product is healthy with a green to red pie chart visual, and if not, automatically suggest a healthier alternative
  • User-friendly progress tracking against your set goals
  • Active community sharing recipes with nutritional information
  • Offers various meal plans like Keto, Paleo or Vegan
  • Include allergen notifiers

Fooducate occupies a particular spot in this best weight loss apps list. One thing that truly differentiates it from others, is the quality and ease of accessing the nutritional information. 

Imagine this: You are shopping by using the barcode scanner to get nutritional information on food you like. If the scanned package displays unhealthy, hidden ingredients such as trans fats and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), you will be notified and the app will show you a green to red pie chart visual. If you scan something unusually high in sugar, the app will automatically suggest you a lower sugar alternative brand or a different product. 

In addition to this special feature, the free plan gives you access to a calorie and exercise tracker where you can log your progress and track how close you are to achieving your set goals. 

Fooducate gets really interesting for premium users because of various meal plans it offers such as Keto, Paleo or Vegan. The paid plan also include GMO warnings to spot genetically modified soy or corn, for example, and alerts of artificial sweeteners.

4. weight watchers

WW weight loss app


$10.39 /w to be eligible to attend meetings. $3.69 /w to access the online program.

Main features:

  • Database includes over 4000 Weight Watchers friendly recipes and a barcode scanner
  • Huge support network with meetings all over the world
  • Access to a personal coach for an extra fee
  • Endorsed by celebrities and some doctors

To use the Weight Watchers app, you will have to become a paying member of the Weight Watchers community

Weight Watchers is a well-known organization, endorsed by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and DJ Khaled, that helps people to lose weight by assigning  ‘Smart points’ to ingredients and recipes, based on their nutritional information. The participants can set up specific weight loss goals, translated into points, that allows you to easily track your progress along the way.  What’s really great about Weight Watchers, is that some restaurants have even created dedicated dishes for the community.

Besides the points system, Weight Watchers is also known for its great support network. The programme offers access to a community meetings, either in person or online, and a personal coach for weekly feedback and advice (for a premium).

Loseit! App

Ratings and Price*:

Main features:

  • Access to a members community 
  • Database with over 7 million food and restaurant items globally
  • “Snap it” feature, allowing users to snap a shot of their food and/or scan a barcode, and turn it into nutritional information
  • Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit, fitness trackers (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit) and other devices like wifi scales and blood pressure monitors

As the scores suggest, Lose It! is a highly ranked app when it boils down to calories and weight tracking. Easy to launch and rich with a wide support community, it is definitely one of the best weight loss apps we have come across! You can also buy their book here.

With their free Basic plan, you get instant access to a calorie & exercise tracker, which helps you keep up with your food consumption and stick to your goals. The free option also allows you to join the member community to get and give support to fellow users. 

When you upgrade to the Premium plan, Lose it! gives you access to a complete meal planning tool and a nutrition tracker, which allows you to set your own goal. It also provides you with goal-oriented content about health and nutrition. 

For the downsides, the app doesn’t track micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals and the food database misses some popular brands.

6. fat secret

Calorie Counter App

Ratings and Price:

Main features:

  • Food and exercise tracking diary 
  • Includes healthy recipes and meal planning tool, that spreads your daily nutritional needs into up to 6 meals (premium version)
  • Interactive weight charts and journal for progress tracking 
  • Possibility to share your data with like-minded people or even your healthcare provider, to increase accountability

Fat Secret is a great app that provides a support system for successful weight loss.  It contains healthy recipes and calorie counter, which allows you to add calories and macros of all your meals into a daily food diary.

In addition, the exercise diary helps you to record the calories burnt and hence, provide you a full picture of your weight loss journey. 

Another major added value with this app, is the possibility to share your data with a group of people of your choice. This feature is great to help you keep accountable and, who knows, start growing a healthy supporting group.

The premium version includes an accurate meal tracker (with macros included) and a complimentary meal planning tool. You can also benefit from a dedicated water tracker, to make sure you reach your daily objectives. 

Even though Fat Secret is one of the best apps for healthy community networking, it falls behind expectations for its rather poor food database, as compared with other apps. The food list is largely composed of US brands, which makes it hard for non-US residents to use the app effectively. Also, many users report the app being pretty difficult to navigate due to its many components…

7. Nike training club



Main features:

  • Includes more than 150 instructor-led fitness classes and the possibility to build custom plans for any need
  • Focus on strength exercises and circuit trainings
  • Compatible with Google Fit 
  • Completely free

Our top ranked app on average, across devices on this list. 

Nike Training Club includes a great variety of instructor-led fitness classes and custom plans for your goals with a focus on strength exercises and circuit training. The exercises are easy to do at home at your own pace, as most of them require no to very little equipment and are supported by video tutorials. The plan supports every needs, from beginners to advanced. 

Nike Training Club also provides a possibility to log activities you do outside the app, like football, yoga, etc.  Best part of it – it is completely free for you to use!

Unfortunately, you cannot take over the full control of what will be recorded or not. For example, if you change a pre-selected workout day, it will not count under your overall achievements. Also, every workout needs to be downloaded separately, which takes up quick moch of your phone’s memory space (several Mb).

8. strava



Main features:

  • Has a dedicated social network for interaction with others (like Facebook or Instagram)
  • Leaderboards available to track your and your friends’ progress
  • Includes a location sharing tool so you can meet other fellow users

Strava is quite a versatile fitness tracking app. It provides you with a possibility to accurately record your biking and cycling routes, pace and also interact with others in their own social network platform. The platform has all the features one would normally expect from Facebook or Instagram. The premium features even include a location sharing tool, to meet fellow users and who knows, start your own running group!

Like in any competitive environments, you can expect to find a broad variety of very impressive (and almost unreachable) leaderboards on Strava. This can either fuel your motivation or, quite the opposite, tear it apart. We would therefore not recommend it if you are feeling being put too much under pressure by setting unrealistic goals.

9. Endomondo

Endomondo App


Main features:

  • Tracks your sport activities toward your set goals
  • Possibility to challenge friends
  • Comprehensive monthly statistics
  • Compatible with other health apps (like MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Relive, Garmin Connect) and  fitness tracking devices (like Fitbit, Samsung, Polar)

Endomondo has been created for sport tracking purposes, but lets you connect to food tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal, too. This app tracks routes and times of your activities, such as biking, running or walking. Also, it allows you to set your goals, weekly objectives and even challenge your friends. 

The premium version of the app allows you to bring your training to the next level with customized training plans (e.g., running for 5K, 10K or marathon) and comprehensive monthly statistics on your highs and lows, calories burnt and even the impact of weather on your performance.

However, despite the impressive list, Endomondo will not be of great help if you are looking for accurate strength exercises. Another downside that has been reported by former users, is the low quality of the GPS and respective tracking accuracy.

10. fitbit

Weight loss apps Fitbit App


Main features:

  • Syncs automatically with your FitBit fitness tracker
  • Tracks your food and water intake, and sleeping habits
  • Sends notifications if you are about to ditch a workout
  • Possibility to challenge your friends

This app is a complimentary service to the well-known FitBit fitness tracker, which allows you to record and visually display different information throughout the day.  The app also allows you to track your food, water intake and sleeping habits – all data that’s important when losing weight.

A very interesting feature that is shared among Fitbit users, is the possibility to challenge your friends and relatives to accomplish various health goals. In addition, the app sends you reminders when it senses you’re trying to ditch exercising. You can also turn on progress notifications and keep an eye on your targets.

However, we can’t name it the best weight loss tracker app out there, considering it was initially designed for exercise monitoring, and because it lacks most of the specific nutrition features you can expect on the market. Finally, despite the free access to the app for Fitbit users, the price of the device is getting increasingly higher with technology enhancement, which can be a critical point for some.

* All data regarding prices, ratings and functionality are as of the 24th of July 2019.

Want to lose weight with Intermittent Fasting?

Alright, folks, I hope you appreciate the efforts of the research and that it will give you some insights into the apps mentioned.

In fact, if you wish to get started right now with your weight loss, we’ve got great 21-Day Intermittent Fasting Meal plans, designed to help you lose weight while following 16/8 Intermittent Fasting.  The meal plans are easy to follow, include nutritional guidance, recipes and weekly shopping lists! 

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