INTERVIEW WITH TRACY GAUDET ON how to visualize effectively

Hey guys,

Have you ever wanted something so bad, couldn’t get it out of your mind and then that exact thing actually happened? Well, what you might have experienced is the power of Law of Attraction.

The good news is there are ways how to make good things happen to you more often!

Today we chat about exactly that with an amazing Intuitive Happiness and Law of Attraction coach Tracy Gaudet.

We talk about different techniques of visualization, really practical tips on how to bring more positivity and happiness and like I said – how to make more good things happen to you and what I like to call it – how to dream professionally.

I promise, there is no magic, just some basic fundamental brain mind-setting.

What's in this episode?

  • What is the Law of Attraction
  • How to use EFT Tapping to find the answers to your questions
  • How to align your thoughts and emotions
  • How to visualize?
  • How far ahead you should visualize?
  • How long you should visualize?

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” Whenever you are aware of your mind and your feelings – you have the power to change it. “

Tracy Gaudet

Key Takeaways

  • We don’t need to know all the ‘hows’ all the time, simply go forward and do anything you can to achieve what you believe.
  • People don’t realize their potential. You can achieve, get, have much more than you think!
  • It’s ok to feel negative emotions and feel down – just put it on the paper and release the emotional attachment to the negativity.
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