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How much do you know about mushrooms? 

For somebody who grew up in Northern Europe, mushroom picking is just another weekend activity you do with your parents, grandparents or friends, especially in late summer and autumn. 

We would wander for hours in the forests, looking for mushrooms and competing over who will find more!

what's all the hype about superfood mushrooms?

Imagine my surprise when mushrooms started coming all over the place as one of the trendiest superfoods. Showing up in all forms and foods: from coffee to powder that can be added to smoothies or even chocolate! 

Apparently they are not just low in calories, but also packed with proteins, B-vitamins, fiber and other bioactive compound that boost our immune system.

Chinese medicine has been using mushrooms for their healing benefits for over thousands of year, traditionally extracting them in water by cooking and making a tea or soup. 

The latest research by Chinese medicine followers has found medicinal effects in more than 800 mushroom sorts!  

And before I tell you my 5 favourite super mushrooms – if you’d like challenge yourself and incorporate not only mushrooms as superfoods, but also all kind of super duper nutritious ingredients into your diet – check out our 21-Day Superfood Challenge and try something new!

TOP superfood MUSHROOMS and their benefits

CHAGA mushrooms

  • Rich in fiber and antioxidants
  • Regulate the digestive system, detoxify and soothe inflammation in the bowels
  • Support the immune system by increasing production of certain immune cells, such as selenium beneficial for thyroid (metabolism)
  • Stimulate central nervous system
  • Increase body’s ability to adapt to stress, anxiety, inflammation and changing situations. 

Reishi mushrooMS

  • Rich in a number of active healing ingredients, such as beta-glucans, polysaccharides, plant sterols, triterpenes and peptidoglycans
  • Reduce inflammations and risk for infections and viruses
  • Improve liver function and aid detoxification
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Balance hormones and improve energy levels
  • Has shown properties that help to fight cancer, but further studies are needed.

ShiItake mushrooms

  • Contain all the essential amino acids and are rich in fiber
  • Lower cholesterol and fight obesity 
  • Support immune system and destroy  cancer cells
  • Support heart health
  • Boost energy.

Lion’s mane mushrooms

  • Increase brain function and energy – best used in the mornings to boost productivity (!)
  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce depression
  • Regenerate damaged cells
  • Reduce risks of neurodegenerative diseases. 


  • Are impressive disease-fighting mushrooms, with detoxifying properties. 
  • Improve strength and endurance – best used before the workout (!)
  • Protect liver and kidneys, and act detoxifying
  • Boost the immune system
  • Provide anti-aging effects and increase blood flow.

How to incorporate mushrooms to your nutrition?

  • Add mushroom powder or extract to your coffee to boost productivity in the morning
  • Add mushroom powder to your smoothies
  • Add mushroom powder to any other meal, such as pancake dough, soups and/or spreads
  • Take mushroom supplements

* Our personal favorite is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix with mushrooms. I noticed that my productivity goes through the roof once I take it! And no, this is not a paid endorsement, we really like their stuff!

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Superfood mushrooms: four sigmatic coffee mix

WHAT's your experience?

Let us know in the comments below if you have incorporated superfood mushrooms to your nutrition, and if so, in what form? 

Share any recipes you might have with us & the Superheroes community


Tauras Sinkus

Tauras Sinkus

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