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My today’s guest is Patricia Lohan! A coach, a healer, entrepreneur and a Feng Shui expert!

Her passion for Feng Shui started way back in her teen years which led to her request of a feng shui book on her sixteenth birthday! She now devotes her time and attention to others to help them create a life and business that they love. 

Her work centers on the notion of living a positive and happy life, all achieved through the reformation of elements that surround you, especially in your house!

You will often hear Patricia emphasize the point of having a clutter-free home. “Your house is going to push you to sort yourself out,” confirms the Feng Shui expert.

What's in this episode?

  • How Feng Shui can help you sort out different aspects of your life
  • The importance of making space and letting nature flow throughout your house
  • The obstacles hold that can hold you back from personal development and their possible causes

It’s a great episode with lots of practical info and I hope you get lots of value from it!

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” Your house is going to push you to sort yourself out. “

Patricia Lohan

Key Takeaways

  • Clear things that make you uncomfortable or unhappy in your life to create a positive environment
  • Your house will push you to sort yourself out from the doorstep to the inside
  • Clutter is stagnant energy and goes against the movement and flow that we want in our bodies

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