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The 10 Best Weight Loss Apps: Everything you Need to Know

Looking to lose weight but need an extra support from the smart technology?
In this post, we share with you our top 10 best weight loss apps for tracking your nutrition and fitness progress. We also provide an extensive feedback on the pricing and features.

Healthy Weight

Melanie Avalon on How Combining Paleo and Intermittent Fasting Boosted Her Acting Career

My today’s guest is Melanie Avalon who is an actress and author, you may have heard of her number bestseller on Amazon: The What When Wine Diet.

She invested a lot of time pursuing the perfect diet plan. In the course of her research, she uncovered the wonderful benefits of combining paleo and intermittent fasting. Tips and solutions that can work in the long term run for everyone.

Healthy Weight

Megan J. Ramos on How Fasting Can Help To Fight Diabetes

My guest today is Megan J. Ramos, who is a clinical researcher and kidney specialist, that together with her colleague and renown kidney and diabetes specialist, Dr. Jason Fung, help people to fight diabetes and prolong their health-span.

Healthy Weight

Dr. Michael Van on How Intermittent Fasting Works

Today I am chatting with Dr. Michael Van, who’s a well-known expert of Intermittent Fasting and is not only a great example of “practice what you preach” but also an author of the book ‘The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting’.


No Sugar Challenge Results

What happens when you quit sugar for 21 days?

We went on a 21-Day No Sugar Challenge and this is what it did to our bodies, energy levels and overall happiness (No Sugar Challenge results summarized below).


What to expect when you quit sugar

We went on a 21-Day No Sugar Challenge and this is what happened. Find out what to expect when you decide to quit sugar and how to nail it.


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