Hey guys,

My today’s guest is Kelly Trach who is an author, life coach, and podcast host that teaches people how to live their best life.

Her work focuses on mastering your mindset, overcoming your self-limiting beliefs, ditching the inner critic and becoming who you really are. 

Her philosophy is that if you get the inner work right first, the outside falls into place.

What's in this episode?

  • How did she escape the life path that was not hers
  • How to start doing things AND TAKE ACTION?
  • Tips for mastering your mindset
  • Visualization and all the other amazing things!

It’s a great episode with lots of practical info and I hope you get lots of value from it! 

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Key Takeaways

  • Give yourself space and time before making big decisions
  • If you start with the inside work, the outside will fall into place.
  • Master your doubts and fears by personifying them and shutting the door in front of them

” If you think it’s gonna be hard – it’s gonna be hard. If you think it’s gonna be easy – it’s gonna to be easy. “

Kelly Trach


  1. Kelly’s courses
  2. Inner Critic Tutorial
  3. Fear Tutorial
  4. Self-Limiting Beliefs Tutorial
  5. Dr. Joe Dispenza – Expert on Visualization
  6. Jess Lively – Law of Attraction coach
  7. Book: Danielle Laporte – The Desire Map
  8. Book: Jen Senciro – You’re a Badass at Making Money

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