Hey guys,

My today’s guest is Jordan Harry, a young entrepreneur, triple jump athlete, speed reading expert and last but not least founder of Studyfast

Did I mention that he is only 20 years old?! Well, ladies and gents he is! 

This young man has been making major key moves and sharing his positivity and knowledge with others wholeheartedly.

Jordan overcame a speech impediment problem thanks to speed reading. A blessing in disguise some would say, because without this difficulty he would not be sharing and teaching others how to read and comprehend, and giving out tips on how to train your brain to remember more.

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What's in this episode?

  • How Jordan overcame a speech impediment
  • Tips how to remember more 
  • Speed reading for beginners 
  • Speed reading tips 
  • Subvocalization and peripheral vision

This episode is full of major brainy tips that I am sure you’d appreciate taking away with you. 

I hope you get lots of value from it! We wish for this story to inspire and encourage, those struggling in order to overcome certain obstacles in life! 

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” There’s no such thing as a bad reader. Just bad reading habits. “

Jordan Harry

Key Takeaways

  • Motivation and concentration go hand in hand 
  • Be an active reader 
  • Set yourself active questions when reading 

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  1. How to read a book a day – Jordan Harry – Tedx 
  2. How to win friends & influence people -Dale Carnegie
  3. Jordan’s top books recommendation
  4. DM Jordan on his Instagram and get a free speedreading class on StudyFast

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