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As part of our 3 week daily meditation challenge, we wanted to interview meditation teachers and practitioners to get their perspective on this awesome ‘activity’. In today’s episode we chat with Elena Mironov.

Elena is an international meditation teacher and yoga expert and she has been teaching meditation and yoga for over 13 years and has led 63 international meditation and yoga retreats all over the world. 

An expert in Ayurveda, elemental vinyasa and yoga nidra, Elena is organizing her Sparkling Yoga retreats in Europe, Morocco and Bali. 

She has also created a music album and a free meditation channel. I’ll put links to her work at the bottom of this post!

What's in this episode?

  • why did she start to practice yoga
  • how to start meditating as a beginner
  • what is it like to do a meditation retreat
  • what can you expect from a silent meditation retreat.

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” First and foremost, ask yourself – why is it I’m trying to meditate? Is it because it is hipster? ”
Elena Mironov

Key Takeaways

  • Before starting meditation, it’s important to ask yourself why are you starting to meditate, what it the purpose
  • The best way to learn to meditate effectively is to find a teacher, somebody who already practices it
  • Try as many different types of meditation until settling to the one you connect with the most
  • Even a few days in the retreat can help you to transform your yoga and meditation practice completely
  • Silent retreat are really challenging, but can be life changing
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