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As part of our 21-Day No Sugar Challenge, we interview dietitians and nutritionists to shed us some light on how to reduce sugar and live a healthier lifestyle.

In today’s episode, I chat with a New York-based nutrition expert Brooke Alpert.

Brooke is the founder of B Nutritious,, and works with a variety of clients to meet their nutritional goals while working within their busy lifestyle.

She has had a private practice for over 11 years and has also published multiple books on how to eat and live healthier.

Her latest book is called ‘The Diet Detox‘ and during our chat we have covered the 10 rules of healthy lifestyle mentioned in the book quite extensively.

You’ll hear what type of food will provide you the best nutritional value, how to time your meals, how to reduce sugar and deal with its cravings.

So stay tuned, Brooke has shared a ton of practical information and really dropped just a ton of value bombs in this episode.

What's in this episode?

  • What inspired her to become a dietician
  • 10 rules to a healthy lifestyle
  • How to raise kids that have a healthy attitude to sugar
  • Dried fruits, stevia, juices – how good or bad are they
  • How to time your meals
  • How to indulge without guilt

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” No one ever had to come and sit on my couch for weight loss, because they have a cupcake once a week. “

Brooke Alpert

Key Takeaways

  • Start small, do what you love, do it good and the clients will come
  • Eat fiber and good quality proteins, but go easy on the starches
  • Why it is important to expose your kids to sugar
  • Soda and artificial sweeteners are totally no go
  • It’s important to have a healthy relationship with unhealthy food
  • Fat-Free 90s have messed us up 🙂

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