How to use meditation to sleep better

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Meditation undoubtedly became one of the most popular mind fitness tools in the last decade and every day more and more people are trying meditation out for multiple reasons, including meditation to sleep better

One of the many causes that may push people to join the meditation community could be due to lack of sleep, insomnia, sleep deprivation the list goes on. The primary lesson to take from this is that meditation can help you sleep better. 

In the video below, Meditation teacher and Mindfulness coach Leah Santa Cruz has shed some light on how to use meditation to sleep better

Hopefully, it will help you improve your meditation technique to achieve that desired deep sleep.

Also, if you haven’t yet – check out our 21-Day Meditation Challenge, that is a great way to start out your daily meditation and mindfulness practice.

Avoid strong lights before bed

It’s important to remember that having a good night sleep actually starts in the morning. 

If you give yourself a few moments in the morning to meditate, you’re going to find that you’re less stressed throughout the day. You can handle life demands more easily. 

At night you’re not totally burnout from catching a second wind because stress levels are too high in your body. 

You also want to make sure that you don’t look at strong lights and electronics right before you go to bed. 

Instead, give yourself a few moments before resting in your bed to go through this style of meditation, called body scan meditation.

body scan meditation

Start by closing your eyes and bringing your attention to the sensations at the top of your head, notice your scalp, notice the sensations in your forehead. 

As if scanning your attention downwards start to relax each part of your face, your eyes, cheeks, jaw and mouth.

breathe into each section of your body

Slowly bring your attention down your neck, you can breathe into each section. Feel your body relax in that area

Scan down your shoulders, chest, upper back, lower back, midsection, abdomen, your belly. 

Letting your arms relax, your fingers, moving down your hips and lower back.

sense your body as a whole

Relax your upper legs, your knees, your calves, all the way down to your feet. 

Once every part of your body begins to feel more deeply relaxed, you can sense your body as a whole. 

Breathe with it, feel your breath, let your breath elongate, a nice and relaxed breathing. Letting yourself fully drift into a state of relaxation and self-awareness. 

Stop trying to force your body to sleep, just let your body be as relaxed as possible, noticing everything around you and just letting it happen.

” If you give yourself a few moments in the morning to meditate, you’re going to find that you’re less stressed throughout the day. “

Leah Santa Cruz


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