How to nail The art of networking

Do you want to get better in networking, expand your social network, make new friends and get a different perspective on life? 

Then keep reading. 

The purpose of this post is to path your way in the right direction. 

One that can help you improve your communication skills, step out of your comfort zone and simultaneously get exposed to new opportunities!

So where should you start?

Making new connections can be very intimidating at times, and that’s natural, as we are all distinct beings with different personalities and there are many factors that collide with each other when it comes to socializing. But that doesn’t mean we should give up! 

Networking is essential in various aspects of our lives both personally and professionally

And there are different ways and places that can propel you forward to land a step closer to improving your networking skills.

Before revealing these tips, we encourage you to check out our 21-Day Networking Challenge, which will make you a pro in networking and help you discover the extent of your NETWORKING POWER! 


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How to meet new people?

Stick to your neighborhood

running in the park for networking

There are tons of different activities within your neighborhood to put into practice that can enhance your chances of meeting other people! Exercise, go for a walk, or if you have a dog then you’re probably accustomed to daily trips to parks or walks within the vicinity. 

Maybe opt less for online grocery shopping when you know you have the time to walk to the store yourself and go for a coffee in your area. 

By practicing these you’re bound to run into the same people, making it easier to create connections.

“Remember the names and main details of the people you meet (e.g., where they are from, what they do, names of family members they’ve mentioned, hobbies etc.).Small details like these are what set you apart from others that might be considered ingenuine.”

Dovile Sinke

Make concrete plans for next catch-ups

“We should meet up” is the new “see you in a few months or so”.

 If you really want to commit to meeting new people and maintaining connections, it is important to keep in mind that scheduling is the secret ingredient to a successful networking strategy

Once you schedule an activity with someone more often than not you show up and so do they! 

So don’t be afraid to come up with a proposal for next meeting.  

Join a group sport

rollers for networking

There are no right or wrong sports, therefore the choices are limitless from dancing, CrossFit, martial arts, to alumni club or any other organization of interest. 

In any case stay open to approach and be approached by others in the sport group of your choice. 

TIP: Show genuine interest in people. Ask about their interests and hobbies (especially if you’re practicing the same activity, you may have more in common than you know or make interesting discoveries).

check out different kinds of events

how to nail art of networking

Events give you an opportunity to expand your networking circle beyond your office and neighborhood – it’s like finding all kinds of international goods at a flea market! 

You could equally make a good use of online social platforms, meet-up groups and events such as Facebook, Meetup, Linkedin or Eventbrite

Find out more on our 21-Day Networking challenge


  • Be aware of the people that surround you
  • Make eye contact 
  • Smile
  • Pay attention to the ones who talk to you
  • Listen carefully people have to say to you and don’t shy away from asking follow-up questions.

Reconnect with old acquaintances

remember old friends - networking

They say the past always catches up to you, but sometimes you have to be the one to catch up with the past. ON PURPOSE! 

Reach out to people you knew from high school or university, even if you were never close friends. 

The greatest way to accomplish this is through Linkedin (if you think Facebook might seem a little too creepy). 

The platform is super professional yet still friendly enough to tolerate a quick “hi!” from an old acquaintance

Mistakes to avoid when networking

You’re reading this because you want to fulfill a certain objective in your life, hence to succeed make sure you avoid these mistakes: 

  • Not asking for help 
  • Not keeping in touch or doing so only when needing a favor 
  • Not thanking people for their help
  • Not helping others.

WHAT NOT TO DO when Networking?

Your intentions and thoughts should be genuine in order to create real and positive bonds with others. 

Hence, you should NEVER DO the following actions:

  • Be on your phone while talking to others
  • Judge people by their looks, posture or position, before you even talk to them 
  • Criticize people or their thoughts 
  • Start conversations by asking people what they do for work. Instead, try to establish a shared interest first 
  • Pitch yourself or ask for a help, before getting to know the person first
  • Take too much of someone’s time

By keeping these tips in mind, you’re one step closer to unleashing your networking power!

WHAT's your experience?

Let us know in the comments below if you are on a path to widen your networking circle and if so, in what way? 

Share any tips that you might have with us & the Superheroes community. 




Tauras is the founder and face of the 21 Day Hero. While being obsessed with mind and productivity hacks, he is hooked up with HIIT type group training and cooking gourmet meals almost every day. Tauras is widely known in the startup community for his kick-ass social media and marketing skills too!

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