How to meditate at home if you're a beginner

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Meditation undoubtedly became one of the most popular mind fitness tools in the last decade and every day more and more people are trying meditation out.

One of the greatest virtue of meditation is that it is an activity that can be exercised in various locations including in the comfort of your own home.

In the video below, Meditation teacher and Mindfulness coach Leah Santa Cruz has shed some light on how to meditate at home for beginners.

Hopefully, this will help kickstart your meditation routines.

Also, if you haven’t yet – check out our 21-Day Meditation Challenge, that is a great way to start out your daily meditation and mindfulness practice.

take on an easy attitude

Meditation is all about coming back to yourself, finding a balance center place so that your body and mind system can relax and restore itself.

This means taking on a natural and easy attitude when you’re in meditation, finding a comfortable place for you to sit at home, in your office or even outside.

Set a timer for how long you want to meditate for.

Let your body relax – you can let your eyes close.

You don’t have to sit cross-legged – you can lie down even as long as you stay awake.

Let yourself take an attitude of welcoming all parts of yourself. Yes, even your mind.

” Meditation will help you to get back to yourself, restore yourself, get back to a place of healing, and go on a journey of self-transformation. “

Leah Santa Cruz

focus on something

Your mind is going to go on a journey, that’s normal, let it happen.

Give yourself something to pay attention to: it could be your breath, it could be the sound of a beautiful piece of music or just the sound of nature.

You might even pay attention to your body’s sensations.

Those are all different kinds of meditation techniques.

Simply do nothing

Or you can simply let yourself do nothing at all.

Sit for a few moments, let yourself relax, tolerate all that’s happening within you and around you.

You can bring yourself back again and again.

As long as you can do that for a few minutes a day and be consistent with it, you’re going to find tons of amazing benefits to mediation.

It will help you to get back to yourself, restore yourself, get back to a place of healing, and go on a journey of self-transformation.


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