Increase your productivity by fixing your habits & routines

Use science proven methods to transform the way you roll.

Introducing: 12-week Habits Upgrade Program

A guided habit building program focused on helping entrepreneurs and busy professionals to build 4 keystone habits by using proven habit science methods.

Form these 4 habits in twelve weeks


Stay hydrated, make healthy food choices and be more energized

5 mins daily exercise

Start your day strong and get into a habit of regular exercise


Be grateful for what you have and live in the moment


Sort out your sleeping routine and give yourself enough rest

Who is this program for?

This program is designed with a busy entrepreneur in mind. 

We know that being an entrepreneur is great – you get to be your own boss and work on solving problems you believe in.

But it also means long hours, not enough sleep, no time for exercise or cooking at home. Before you know it, you’re getting out of shape, stressed is your middle name and sometimes, all this pressure to succeed is just too much to handle.

If this is you – we can help. We were in your place until we discovered how powerful taking tiny daily actions can be. It might sound counter-intuitive, but you do get more productive if you work less and take care of your mental and physical shape.

This is the first program tribe and we want to over-deliver. We only accept a total of 15 people, split into three accountability groups of 5.

Why? First of all, we want to make it exclusive to people who want it the most. Secondly, this way we can ensure that you get the best experience.

Apply here, it only takes 2 minutes.


We help you build 4 key habits using scientific methods of
habit formation

Habit Loop

Wouldn’t it be nice to install good habits and delete bad ones like we do that with a computer software? Habit loop will help you to do exactly that.

It’s simple: identify your trigger, establish a craving, perform a routine and stimulate your brain with a reward.

Want to break a bad habit? Identify your trigger, routine and your reward, and make it hard for the bad habit loop to be repeated.

Habit loop 21 day hero


Certain cues trigger certain actions. For example, a notification sound on your phone triggers an action of you grabbing the phone. Once you are aware of this trigger, you can use it to form a new habit or break a bad one.


Craving is what gives you the energy to repeatedly perform a certain routine. It's obvious with things like video games or sugary foods, but did you know that you can also develop a craving for healthy habits like exercise?


Habits form when you repeat the same action enough times. But to even start doing something, there is one golden rule - you have to make it tiny. Want to read a book? Start with a goal of reading 2 pages a day.


The more satisfying you make your routine, the more likely you are to react to the next trigger. Felt really good after that quick workout? That's great, you're more likely to develop a habit if you have fun repeatedly.

How I went from a chronic procrastinator to a habit building expert

Truth is, I used to procrastinate a lot. Whenever I would have something important to do, I would find a million other things. I was the opposite of the word ‘disciplined’.

I guess it’s OK if you’re a student, but as someone, who considers himself a serious entrepreneur, I knew that my work habits are not going to bring me to the point I want to be and that others will outperform me every single time.

After my previous startup failed, I found myself in the position where I had to choose – dwell on my mistakes or fundamentally change my habits.

Fast forward 18 months, I went from a chronic procrastinator to a guy who wakes up 6 am, takes a cold shower, meditates, journals, exercises regularly, reads 2 books a month and does intermittent fasting.

It might sound intense, but I’ve never felt better physically and mentally in my entire life. Now, I accomplish more in the first 3 hours of my day than I used to during the entire day.

And you know what’s the best part of it? I didn’t reach this point by using discipline. Instead, I followed renowned habit forming methods and literally tricked myself into doing tiny actions every day. Actions that had a compounding effect and brought me to where I am now.

Read my full story on Medium here.

Tauras CEO transformed

Now I want to help you to fix your habits, using the exact same methods that helped me.

Sorry, the deal is no longer valid.


NEW YEARS RESOLUTION SPECIAL: Apply now and save 40%. Get it for $249 instead of $399!

Got no time? Don't worry.
You can build a habit by spending as little as

minutes a day*
5 minutes a days is where we start and continue with it until we feel that we can add one extra minute, then one more and so on.

...and enjoy these benefits


You’ve got the time to switch off from work and take back your personal life.


You start your days strong with a good morning routine and are crystal clear on your vision.


You have far less anxiety, are more relaxed and have a much higher quality of life.


You feel strong, energized and your body is naturally craving for more physical activity.


You feel connected with your mind, can focus more at work and get more sh*t done.


You are confident and are ready to get moving onto the bigger, better things.

You are probably


A guided habit building program focused on helping entrepreneurs like you to build 4 keystone habits within 12 weeks

What’s included:

  • Program to build 4 keystone habits: Movement, Sleep, Nutrition and Mindfulness
  • Assessment of your current habits
  • A personal habit coach
  • Accountability group of 5 like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Weekly plan with clear to-do's
  • Daily reminders
  • Habit Building Blueprint E-book
  • Completion certificate

only $249 $399

Limited offer: 40% off!

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

What to expect?

Your actions are driven by your habits. We will help you to build and fix habits in 4 most important areas of your heath: sleep, movement, nutrition and mindfulness. One habit at a time.

Every day is planned out for you with easy to follow daily activities. You will be provided with all the required tools, knowledge and support to replace old habits with healthy routines. 

Trying to figure out everything on your own feels overwhelming. In 12-weeks Habits Upgrade you will get access to our habit coaches, who will check on you on a daily basis and will remind you what to do that day.

You will be part of a small accountability group of 5 like-minded people. It is proven that people make better choices and perform at a higher level when they know they are being watched by others. It is also a great source of motivation.

Before you start the Program, you will do an in-depth assessment of your current habits and lifestyle. This allows us to get to know you better and to personalize your experience as much as possible based on your schedule and current level of habits.

If you win the morning you win the day. Throughout the 12-week Habits Upgrade Program, we will help you to build bulletproof morning routine based on the 4 keystone habits.

At the end of the 12-week Habits Upgrade Program, you will know how to build habits and routines by yourself and will also have a strong foundation to keep going.

Disclaimer: Our 12-week Habits Upgrade program is based on methods and techniques used by well-known habit experts such as James Clear, Charles Duhigg and Patrik Edblad, as well as leading behavioral scientists BJ Fogg (Stanford University) and Dan Ariely (Duke University).

What successful people are saying about habits

"..I’ve ended up doing all of the above. In large part, these types of habits helped make Tools of Titans the first book I actually enjoyed writing. It’s incredibly freeing when you realize that, if you want 10x your current results, it’s the little things that add up and make all the difference."
Tim Ferriss
Author of 4-Hour Workweek
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
Philosopher, Scientist


$ 249 Limited Offer
  • Program to build 4 keystone habits: Movement, Sleep, Nutrition and Mindfulness
  • Assessment of your current habits​
  • A personal habit coach
  • Weekly plan and clear to-do's
  • Daily reminders
  • Habit Building Blueprint e-book
  • Completion Certificate

More details to help you decide

Once you apply and are accepted to the program, your personal habit coach will get in touch with you for a personal assessment.

Based on the assessment, you will be placed in one of the accountability groups, where you will get to know other 4 people that are in the same boat.

Once the program starts, each Sunday you will receive a plan for the upcoming week.

Then, each morning, you will receive a reminder together with a daily to-do, that tells you exactly what you need to do that day and how.

The program starts with one habit and 5 minutes of daily commitment. Every 3 weeks we add a new habit and at the end of the program, you will have a daily routine of 4 habits, which takes you no more than 20 minutes to complete. 

Oh, and you will receive our very own Habit Building Blueprint that explains all the methods used during the Program. 

This is because we want to make sure we have people who are seriously committed to upgrade their lifestyles. Thus, as a first step, we require everybody to fill in a short application survey, which helps us decide, whether this program is something you can benefit from.

If you get accepted to the Program, you have 3 calendar days to confirm and pay for your participation. After you confirm, we will send you onboarding information and will invite you to your accountability tribe.

This program is designed for busy entrepreneurs. We start slow, with 1 habit and 5 minutes per day and then move to 20 minutes a day at the most intensive part of the program (week 8-12).

No biggie. Even though this program is designed with having an entrepreneur in mind, everyone can benefit from building better habits. So go ahead and apply, and we will be happy to see you onboard.

The 12-week Habits Upgrade Program is not another online course, that you will click through and forget. It is a program during which you will have to take tiny steps every day in order to transform your life by building long-lasting habits. Hence, it is not for you if you are not serious about it and are not ready to invest 5 to 20 minutes of your day toward changing your life as an entrepreneur.

Let’s be honest, free things do not motivate us. And cognitive psychologists found out why – it’s called loss aversion. In simple terms, we’re more motivated by fear of losing rather than a satisfaction of gaining. It might sound counter-intuitive, but by paying for this program, you have a higher chance of successfully completing it and therefore enjoying all the benefits that come from it.

Once you get accepted, we will send you onboarding information together with a payment link.

It’s a one-time fee and we accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

It depends when you decide that the Program is not for you:

– Up to 48h before the program starts, we offer a full refund, no questions.
– Within the first 14 days, we offer a 50% refund
– 14 days after the start, we no longer offer refunds.