Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Hero Show Interview

Autumn Calabrese on the Foundation of our Body Movement and Nutrition

In this episode I chat with Autumn Calabrese – a celebrity trainer and creator of several highly popular fitness and nutrition programs.

Autumn is a busy fitness trainer, mom and national-level bikini competitor. On top of that, she has created several highly popular fitness and nutrition programs.

Mike Rosa Interview 21 Day Hero Show Podcast Thumbnail

Mike Rosa on How Focus is Important on Your Progress

My today’s guest is fitness and Youtube superstar(nearly 400k subs!), a real-life alien and a CEO of Anabolic Aliens – company that helps you to get fit – Mr. Mike Rosa.

Mike has always been a sporty guy, but only when he went through the whole Insanity Program with his mom, he realized that HIIT and Power Lifting type exercises really made him feel great.

How I exercise with a busy schedule

How Do I Exercise With a Busy Schedule?

Regular workout is a big PRIORITY for me. Read below how I exercise with a busy schedule and how I have learned to find time for it, even if I’m at the peak of a huge project or have extremely tight deadlines at work.

Jonathan Ross on how to love exercising

Jonathan Ross on How To Love Exercising

In today’s episode we chat with a two times Personal Trainer of the Year – Jonathan Ross. We chat about why it is important to exercise only if you enjoy it and to make it happen. Check it out!

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