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CLEAR App Review: Intermittent Fasting With A Smile

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You don’t just want to lose weight but change your life for the better? Then the CLEAR Intermittent Fasting app is perfect for you! 

The app is all about how intermittent fasting can help you become more self-reflective and change from the inside out. Because a healthier, more active lifestyle automatically leads to you losing weight and being happier in the long run. 

In addition to all the important features needed for fasting, the CLEAR app also scores with unique content and soon even video courses with experts. But hey, let’s just start from the beginning. 

What is CLEAR Intermittent Fasting

The CLEAR Intermittent Fasting app is available for Android and iOS and is one of the bigger players with over 2 million downloads. In both stores, the app has an average rating of 4.6 stars, which means the small team behind it is definitely doing something right. 

The app is aimed at beginners (and thus complete fasting novices) as well as advanced users. To ensure everyone feels well looked after, there are plenty of interesting stories to read and soon video courses to follow (more on this later).  

Get Clear App Here.

CLEAR Intermittent Fasting Features Review

I’d best start with how to use the app because it’s actually pretty easy and intuitive. After the onboarding (in which a lot of time and love has clearly gone into, making me feel like I’m really in the right place), I can jump right in and start exploring the app. And most importantly: check out my personal fasting plan and start my fasting timer!

Personal Fasting Plan

After answering a few questions in onboarding, CLEAR directly suggests a fasting plan that fits my rhythm and preferences. Nice! But the best part is that I can change and adjust the plan at any time to find the one that fits me best.

Fasting Timer

The Fasting Timer is definitely one of the main reasons why people download a fasting app. In stressful everyday life, it is sometimes not so easy to keep track of fasting and eating times – CLEAR makes it easier than ever! In addition, I can always see which fasting phase I am in and what is happening in my body during this phase (did someone say Ketose?).

Not only is the timer super clear and straightforward, but I also like the bright colors. It just puts me in a good mood when I start or end my fast with this timer. Even the dark mode looks beautiful. By the way, if I forget to do so, the app reminds me.

If you are like me and love to use widgets, then you can add one of many glanceable widgets or complications on your home- or lock screen.

Knowledge Stories

The daily knowledge stories are really a cool change from the usual content in fasting apps. New stories pop up regularly on the home screen with interesting facts about interval fasting, health, nutrition, or mindfulness. It’s easy to click through and learn something new within minutes. The perfect activity when the fasting phase doesn’t seem to want to end. 

Expert Video Courses (spoiler)

Ok, this feature is my personal highlight. CLEAR recently started working with experts in a wide variety of fields, who have their own section of video courses in the app.

Whether it’s “More movement in everyday life” or “Intermittent fasting with over 40” – there are courses of varying lengths where you can do exercises directly or get tips and inspiration from nutrition or life coaches over several days. Almost like YouTube but for fasting. Definitely something unique!

CLEAR+ Premium Subscription

While the Fasting Timer or Journal is free, with CLEAR+ the app offers access to even more features such as the Water Tracker or Widget and, most importantly, access to exclusive content (Stories and Video Courses).

If you are mainly looking for a fasting timer, the free version of CLEAR is a good choice. Personally, however, the premium membership offers enough advantages, especially with all the varying content, to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

CLEAR Intermittent Fasting Review: The Bottom Line

Overall, CLEAR really surprised me in a positive way. I stumbled across the app by chance almost a year ago, but since then things have really changed and I have the feeling that the app has reinvented itself and there is still a lot to come.

Get Clear App Here.

What I like most about the CLEAR app:

  • The user interface is very user-friendly and joyful. I love the nice little animations throughout the app. For example, when I finish a fast the app rewards me with a joyful star animation. It’s also a joy to open and close the timer. It’s just well done.
  • Stories are a really cool addition to learning new things quickly and entertainingly.
  • Crazy as it sounds: I like that CLEAR isn’t all about weight but that the team is really trying to get me on the right track for the long term – from the inside out.
  • And: I find the video course feature really exciting. I think especially fasting beginners will feel even better taken care of and looked after.
  • The widget is a nice addition that not many other fasting apps have.

In short, CLEAR is a refreshingly different fasting app that is, of course, also about losing weight but primarily about gaining satisfaction and joy in life. 

I’m curious to see what features are still to come, but I believe that this app has a lot of potential and could inspire a real new target group for itself. So, just give it a try and make your life a bit clearer. 

Get Clear App Here.

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