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Celebrity Fasting Trends of 2023 – See Who Does Intermittent Fasting!

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Elon Musk | Jennifer Aniston | Kourtney Kardashian | Halle Berry | Hugh Jackman | Gisele Bundchen | Elsa Pataky | Scarlett Johansson | Jack Dorsey

If you have been following the latest fitness and health trends, the words “intermittent fasting” must have popped up in your feed lately. For the uninitiated, this term refers to a process of scheduled fasting where food consumption is condensed to a short period each day. Celebrities are leading this trend and inspiring countless people to lose weight and improve their metabolism. What are the Celebrity Fasting Trends of 2023 – let’s see what everyone is up to!

We always look up to successful people for inspiration in all aspects of our lives. We try to follow them to bring about positive change in our lives. Intermittent fasting and celebrities are hot topics, and their popularity keeps rising with each passing day. 

So why are celebrities swearing by intermittent fasting? For starters, it is an excellent way to control weight. Besides this, intermittent fasting helps reduce your cardiovascular stress, promoting self-healing or autophagy, decreasing inflammation in your body, improving your gut health, and streamlining your metabolism in remarkable ways. Intermittent fasting brings good news for people struggling with diabetes, leading to stable insulin and steady blood sugar levels.

Celebrity intermittent fasting is of many types. Some follow the 16:8 fasting routine, where they fast for 16 hours daily and eat in the remaining 8 hours. Others swear by the OMAD (one meal a day) regime, while some find the 5:2 (2 days of fasting a week) most suitable. Let us look at what some intermittent fasting celebrities have to say about these highly effective fasting strategies and how they have benefitted them. For more on the 10 types of intermittent fasting – click this link.

Elon Musk 

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Credit: James Duncan Davidson

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The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, had been struggling with weight issues and was also seen on camera on the islands of Greece, where he appeared overweight. The CEO of Tesla said in an interview in 2020 that he strongly likes tasty food. After the photo appeared, Elon started practicing intermittent fasting and has not looked back. He recently also tweeted that he had lost more than 20 pounds following intermittent fasting. 

One of Elon’s tweets says. “On the advice of a good friend, I’ve been fasting periodically and feel healthier.” Another tweet by him goes, “Over 20 lbs down from my (unhealthy) peak weight.” Musk has been a technology torchbearer for quite some time, and it makes sense to follow his experience. 

Jennifer Aniston

jennifer 1

Credit: FilmMagic

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The highly-popular superstar from the TV series- Friends, Jennifer Aniston, is one of the most followed celebs worldwide. She is a staunch follower of intermittent fasting in the entertainment world. The super beautiful 53-year-old says she looks and feels better after attuning her diet to intermittent fasting.

Aniston has been fasting for two years now, and in an interview, she said that she does not have any breakfast, skipping straight to lunch at noon. She only drinks celery juice and coffee during her fasts. Surely we could draw some inspiration from her!

Kourtney Kardashian


Credit: John Shearer

Everybody knows Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest sibling among the Kardashians. Back in 2018, she said she was a big fan of intermittent fasting. Regular followers of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” will know her love of healthy eating and wellness plans. She always looks at her stunning best and has recommended intermittent fasting to her innumerable fans and followers. 

Kourtney founded a health and wellness website, Poosh, where she stated that she does not have any food after 7 PM and only eats the following day at 11 AM after she is done with her workouts. It implies that she goes without food for 14-16 hours post-dinner. No wonder she looks so fabulous!

Once a week, Kourtney also fasts for a straight 24 hours, drinking only green tea, water, and bone broth, which are good things to have for a follower of intermittent fasting. She is well-known for following a ketogenic diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. 

Halle Berry


Credit: Michael Kovac

Among famous actresses of Hollywood, Halle Berry is a notable person known for her love of intermittent fasting. An Oscar winner, Berry said on Instagram that she has been doing intermittent fasting for many years. 

She has only two meals daily, with the first meal at 2 PM, bringing breakfast and lunch together after her workout. She only allows herself to have bulletproof coffee and green smoothies in the morning. 

Halle Berry has Type 2 diabetes; she follows a keto diet to manage this. She eats a small number of carbs, combining them with healthy fats. She also consumes kale, spinach, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, and broccoli; among proteins, she has eggs, chicken, and beef. Berry also includes keto-friendly fruits like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman, the hero of Wolverine, is a style icon and a well-known trendsetter in the fitness world. Though his ripped body results from intense workouts, he is also a follower of intermittent fasting. He follows the “Wolverine Diet,” which is the 16:8 intermittent fasting method, where he fasts for 16 hours each day and consumes food in the 8-hour window that he gets. 

Jackman is very serious about not having even an ounce of fat on his body and religiously follows intermittent fasting to keep up his toned body. His fitness coach advises him on his daily meal plans, and the results are out there for everyone to see! Maybe you can also have a “wolverine” body if you follow intermittent fasting and work out!

Gisele Bundchen


Credit: Steve Granitz

In her book Lessons, the famous Brazilian supermodel revealed that she is a big fan of intermittent fasting. She swears by the 5:2 method of IF, where she usually eats five days a week, restricting her calorie intake to 500–600 calories on the remaining two days. 

She explains further that she fasts until lunchtime for two days per week, which allows her body to rest, repair, and digest. No wonder she looks so stunning in every picture!

Elsa Pataky 


Credit: AFP via Getty Images

The Spanish superstar was introduced to intermittent fasting by her husband, Chris Hemsworth. She says, “[Chris] he got me into fasting. So I’ve started fasting now; I was always like * Hmm, I don’t know!*, and it’s really hard, but then I started reading about it.”

She says intermittent fasting has done wonders for her because of its anti-aging effects. 

Scarlett Johansson


Credit: Getty Images for David Yurman

Scarlett followed a tremendously grueling and punishing routine to get into shape for her role in the Avengers as Black Widow. The results are there for everyone to see. In 2019, Johansson’s trainer revealed that she fasted for 12 hours a day, sometimes pushing it to 14–15 hours if the actress’s schedule allowed it. 

Jack Dorsey


Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

It is not only Hollywood stars who do intermittent fasting. Jack Dorsey, a Silicon Valley superstar, and the erstwhile CEO of Twitter and Square (Block) founder has said in many interviews that he has been following Intermittent fasting for quite some time and has hugely benefitted from the practice. In one interview, he said he skips lunch and breakfast, scheduling his dinner between 6:30 and 9 PM. 

This is what he said about intermittent fasting on Twitter:

“Been playing with fasting for some time. I do a 22-hour fast daily (dinner only) and recently did a 3-day water fast. The biggest thing I notice is how much time slows down. The day feels so much longer when not broken up by breakfast/lunch/dinner. Anyone else has this experience?” 

Dorsey’s fasting style is the OMAD plan (One Meal A Day). He says that his meal primarily consists of vegetables and proteins. He says that IF has brought him to a clearer state of mind, his days stretch longer, and he is left with better focus to concentrate on his work without worrying about regular meals throughout the day. 


Intermittent fasting has become a prevalent diet trend, with celebrities from around the world endorsing it for its amazing effects, including weight management, insulin resistance, and overall health, among other benefits. Many celebrities have recommended this method to their fans and followers to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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With alternate periods of fasting and eating, you can bring positive changes in your health and well-being. And once you start practicing it, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. The struggle is only for the first few days, and after that, it becomes a part of your routine.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to do it, start right away. Procrastination is for shirkers.

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