Ed Rush on how to achieve anything in 3 short weeks

Ed Rush on How To Change Anything in 3 Short Weeks

In this episode we chat with 5 Times best selling author, ex fighter jet F-18 pilot, sought after speaker – Ed Rush. Ed has mastered the technique of how to change anything in 3 short weeks and he shares his insights how starting small can yield you huge results.

How I exercise with a busy schedule

How Do I Exercise With a Busy Schedule?

Regular workout is a big PRIORITY for me. Read below how I exercise with a busy schedule and how I have learned to find time for it, even if I’m at the peak of a huge project or have extremely tight deadlines at work.

Megan Ramos

Megan J. Ramos on How Fasting Can Help To Fight Diabetes

My guest today is Megan J. Ramos, who is a clinical researcher and kidney specialist, that together with her colleague and renown kidney and diabetes specialist, Dr. Jason Fung, help people to fight diabetes and prolong their health-span.

Tracy Gaudet on How to Visualize effectively

Tracy Gaudet on How to Visualize Effectively

In this episode we chat with Law of Attraction coach about different techniques of visualization, really practical tips on how to bring more positivity and happiness and like I said – how to make more good things happen to you and what we like to call it – how to dream professionally.

Dr Michael Van on how intermittent fasting works

Dr. Michael Van on How Intermittent Fasting Works

Today I am chatting with Dr. Michael Van, who’s a well-known expert of Intermittent Fasting and is not only a great example of “practice what you preach” but also an author of the book ‘The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting’.

Jonathan Ross on how to love exercising

Jonathan Ross on How To Love Exercising

In today’s episode we chat with a two times Personal Trainer of the Year – Jonathan Ross. We chat about why it is important to exercise only if you enjoy it and to make it happen. Check it out!


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