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Melanie Avalon on How Combining Paleo and Intermittent Fasting Boosted Her Acting Career

My today’s guest is Melanie Avalon who is an actress and author, you may have heard of her number bestseller on Amazon: The What When Wine Diet.

She invested a lot of time pursuing the perfect diet plan. In the course of her research, she uncovered the wonderful benefits of combining paleo and intermittent fasting. Tips and solutions that can work in the long term run for everyone.

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Top 5 Superfood Mushrooms

Imagine my surprise when mushrooms started coming all over the place as one of the trendiest superfoods. Showing up in all forms and foods: from coffee to powder that can be added to smoothies or even chocolate!

Apparently, they are not just low in calories, but also packed with proteins, B-vitamins, fiber and other bioactive compounds that boost our immune system.

Habit Building

Kelly Trach on How To Overcome Self-Doubt and Silence Inner Critic

In this episode I chat with Kelly Trach – an author, life coach, and podcast host that teaches people how to live their best life. Her work focuses on mastering your mindset, overcoming your self-limiting beliefs, ditching the inner critic and becoming who you really are.

Habit Building

Ed Rush on How To Change Anything in 3 Short Weeks

In this episode we chat with 5 Times best selling author, ex fighter jet F-18 pilot, sought after speaker – Ed Rush. Ed has mastered the technique of how to change anything in 3 short weeks and he shares his insights how starting small can yield you huge results.


How Do I Exercise With a Busy Schedule?

Regular workout is a big PRIORITY for me. Read below how I exercise with a busy schedule and how I have learned to find time for it, even if I’m at the peak of a huge project or have extremely tight deadlines at work.

Healthy Weight

Megan J. Ramos on How Fasting Can Help To Fight Diabetes

My guest today is Megan J. Ramos, who is a clinical researcher and kidney specialist, that together with her colleague and renown kidney and diabetes specialist, Dr. Jason Fung, help people to fight diabetes and prolong their health-span.


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