Best Protein Smoothie Recipes

When enriched with healthy fats and fiber, protein smoothie could serve as an excellent breakfast alternative or a mid-day snack/post-workout recovery!
Learn our personal protein smoothie favorites, divided into four categories for every taste, diet, and purpose (incl. vegan and delicious low-calorie options).
Also, get to know insights into our favorite brands and other tips from 21 Day Hero kitchen!


Suze Schwartz on the Biggest Myth On Meditation

My today’s guest is the one and only Suze Yalof Schwartz, editor, author, and CEO and founder of the renowned Unplug Meditation.

Suze leads a fantastic career in the fashion world as editor for over two decades working at Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour magazine, the names speak for themselves!

Habit Building

3 Chrome Extensions to Stop Procrastination

Is there an actual limit of tabs you can open on Chrome? It takes a tremendous amount of self-control not to fall under the enchantment of tabs.
Below I cover 3 chrome extensions that can actually help to stop procrastination and prevent from getting distracted over and over again.

Habit Building

Jordan Harry on How To Read Faster and Remember More

My today’s guest is Jordan Harry, a young entrepreneur, triple jump athlete, speed reading expert and last but not least founder of Studyfast!

This episode is full of major brainy tips on how to read faster and much more, that I am sure you’d appreciate taking away with you.

Habit Building

How to nail the art of networking

Do you want to get better in networking, expand your social network, make new friends and get a different perspective on life?
Then keep reading. The purpose of this post is to path your way in the right direction.


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