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Flow Ropes – Best Home Gym Equipment in 2022

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Flow ropes review | Get Flow ropes here

After the pandemic, there has been a knock-on effect on how people work out.

More and more people are looking to save costs on gym memberships, which may now seem obsolete for some – as they realize they can save money and work out just as well from the comfort of their own homes.

For others, it simply boils down to convenience. Why get up, travel, and sweat it out at your local paid gym when you can get the same workout done from the comfort of your home. You can work out in your own time, how you want, on your schedule. You also benefit from increased privacy, with no one snooping on you, waiting to use the equipment.

Sure, you may not have all the lavash equipment your local gym might have, but how often do you find yourself using all the available tools? Rarely, right? Also, who wants to spend time wiping other users’ post-pandemic sweat-off machines?

All-in-all, the benefits of working out from home are countless. But what this also brings is a plethora of new products to the market, trying to make your home workout as fun and efficient as possible.

The market for such products is booming right now, with all the major players in the fitness industry looking to tailor their products for home users. It has also opened the door for new products, something to freshen up the fitness industry.

One product that has already taken thousands of users by storm is flow ropes, created by OctoMoves – who have seen a boom in sales post-pandemic and continued success hereafter. Their unique product focuses on improving your mobility and joints – something that working from home is sure to have hindered.

flow ropes home equipment

Flow ropes are a relatively new concept in the fitness world, but they are already immensely popular due to their ease of use – with anyone able to pick them up and start making basic patterns straightaway,

The simple but effective nature of the flow ropes eliminates the risk of injury, with many people causing themselves unnecessary injuries by incorrectly using equipment or merely not understanding how to use them properly.

With flow ropes, you just need a decent size space to operate in – and you’re good to go. No setting up equipment or hassle to get started. With their different range of ropes, you can choose one based on your fitness goals and create the basic movements.

There is a load of free courses you can take by heading over to their website, and these will give you the basic understanding of how to use the ropes to get the best results for you – all completely free. There are some paid foundation courses and paid intermediate tricking courses, but these still seem cheap compared to other fitness equipment on the market.

With just 5-minutes of working out with your ropes a day, you can start to feel significant signs of progress, without the risk of overdoing it. The list of benefits that regular usage can bring is countless, ranging from improving your overall cardio health to reducing stress and anxiety.

Flow ropes are not only about adding muscle or getting your body into shape. One of their main focuses is to improve your overall state of mind. By learning basic patterns, you are giving both your brain, body, and mind a thorough workout. 

flow ropes review

This has led users to claim flow ropes have helped them quit smoking, by installing new, healthier habits. Others have said that their state of mind is more stress and anxiety-free after regular use of flow ropes.

The advantages are endless and tailored for each individual user. When purchasing the ropes, you are met with various options, depending on what your goals are. Adding muscle, recovering from injury, or improving mobility – the choice is yours, and they will guide you through the process.

You can even get your family and friends involved, simply find a good space inside or outdoors, grab a buddy and work out together. Workout on your own schedule, where you want, when you want with who you want.

The flexibility and new ranges of products out there have been eye-opening for consumers, who realize they can gain more benefits and save money on gym memberships, by just working out wherever they want, with the right tools.

You can order flow ropes here.

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