ABOUT 21 Day Hero

Hello superheroes!

Thank you so much for dropping by and visiting our online home. We are Dovile & Tauras, founders of the 21 Day Hero – a couple that at the end of 2017 decided to share our passion for body and mind fitness with YOU, our dear reader, and challenge you to take your life to the next level!

What Do We Do?

We believe that we are all superheroes born with unlimited superpowers. In most cases those superpowers are hiding and need to be unleashed, so that we can use our full potential. At the 21 Day Hero we offer YOU that chance to unleash and grow your superpowers, so you can become a healthier, fitter, happier and more successful version of yourself!

We unlock the superpowers through our  21-Day Body and Mind Challenges, centered around things that help you improve your fitness level, your diet and also keeps your mental state at the highest performing level. All provided for free and in one place for YOU by us.  

How do we gather our content?

  1. We work hard to make a comprehensive research and gather the best content possible before we offer any challenge
  2. We interview key experts in specific body and mind topics related to each challenge, and collect their tips and best practises for you
  3. We do the challenges ourselves and share our experiences with you. 

"Fit body and fit mind goes hand in hand. The healthier your body is, the clearer and more productive your mind becomes, and vice versa."

What's in it for you?

  • 21-Day Challenge Guides, with guidelines and 3 weeks action plan
  • Progress tracking templates
  • Regular encouragement emails during the challenge
  • Insights and tips from key area experts in the format of video interviews
  • Our own experience in the format of vlogs and blog posts
  • Support from our constantly growing Superheroes Tribe community.


Where to find us?

Thank you, we are extremely grateful for your visit! Please check us out on Youtube, InstagramFacebook and Twitter, and pass it on! Any additional word of mouth means a world to us!


Dovile and Tauras

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