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But the questions is…why?

Because we believe building a successful business, doesn’t mean ruining your health along the way.

And let’s face it, when you are in the race with players that bigger and stronger than you, the only advantage you have is putting in more work and effort than anything else. And that’s a good mindset to have if you want to increase your chance of success. The only problem is that in the process of working hard on your business, you tend to neglect the health of your body and mind. 

That might be a good strategy short-term, but actually it’s really counterproductive long-term. The fact is – your sleep, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness habits directly influence your ability to focus and deliver high quality of work. 

Good news is – you don’t need to take 1 hour of your busy day to improve your habits.

With as little as 5 mins a day, you can build habits that will give you more energy, more focus and will make you more productive in achieving your business goals?

If you’re serious about your business, you have got to be serious about your physical and mental health. 

And we’re here to help you do it.


We use habit building science and our personal experience to help entrepreneurs to build a set of keystone habits that will make your body and mind healthier, and in a result, will make running a business easier.

We focus on key areas of your life – exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and mindfulness – and build habits around them.

The methods we use are proven by multiple studies and research to help you form or break habits:

  • Habit loop: cue, routine, reward
  • Social accountability
  • Splitting big goals into small steps
  • Rewards and stimulus
  • Environment design
  • Our desire for mastery
  • Our desire for belonging to a tribe
  • Reducing decision fatigue
  • Loss-aversion



We are husband-and-wife team, that has been happily married since 2015. We knew it’s risky to do business with your spouse, but we felt that we’ll be the right match not only in life but also in work and we were right! We really enjoy working together and building 21 Day Hero as our first ‘baby’. And what’s better than being able to trust your business partner 100%?


Her friends kept coming to her for advice on how to find time and willpower to workout and eat healthy while running a successful business. Dovile is a living example that IT IS possible to have a healthy lifestyle with a good routine, even when you are constantly running toward super tight deadlines at work. She has tried it all when it comes to exercise, nutrition & habit building, and is now using her experience to help others.

Tauras Sinkus 21 day Hero


Over the past couple of years,​ Tauras has completely redesigned his life, from being a stressed-out workaholic, falling asleep at his laptop while working through nights, eating irregularly and never finding time to exercise. Tauras now teaches entrepreneurs how to relaunch their lives and create long-lasting routines that bring their businesses to the next level, all using the science-backed methods and his personal experience.

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