3 sources of music for work and deep focus

What is the best music for work and how to increase your focus? We share our top 3 sources of music for work, deep focus, and concentration. All you need to reduce distractions and get some work done!

We’ve all tried it – putting on our headphones, playing some chill background music and getting excited to make some serious work done. And while the first songs might really bring out the best in you, others would just feel like a distraction…

What is the best music for work?

It’s all about our brain waves. According to the neuroscientists, the effectiveness of the background music for concentration depends on how particular music alters our brain waves and what state it provokes us to get into.

There are 5 brainwave frequency categories – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Theta. Out of these, it’s important to note that:

It’s worth noting that only music without words, or simply instrumental music, is the best one for work and the one that will really help you to focus.

This is because lyrics make your brain distracted and your conscious mind is activated into listening to what is being sung. You can still get some work done, of course, but you’ll never get into that deep concentration state that we all wish to be in when we work.

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3 sources of Music for better focus


music for work and deep focus - Youtube

Youtube is the biggest, most popular source and it’s totally free!

Simply enter ‘Alpha waves music for work’ in the search bar and you’ll get a big list of instrumental music, where some are even 3h long.

The reviews are very positive, and I’ve tried it myself – it works!

You can also search for ‘electronic music for work’ in case you like working while listening to electronic beats.

However, I found that the quality of these playlists are not that high and the tracks chosen vary too much in beats-per-minute rate.

Also, some might include lyrics, hence you won’t be able to reach the proper depth of concentration.


focus at will - music for work and deep focus

Focus@Will is my favorite tool –  I have been using it daily for almost 2 years.

It’s relatively unknown, which is strange because it works amazingly great and they also claim that according to their study, it increases focus and productivity between 2 to 4 times!

It’s basically a playlist of music that is engineered to minimize any distractions coming from music and to maximize your focus.

They have over 50 different music channels you can choose from, all from uptempo and classical, to alpha chill and creative cafe background noise.

The latter one is basically sounds and chatter you’d hear if you sat in a busy cafe (without any visual distractions). As you can see, it offers almost everything for all type of brains.

Focus@Will is, however, not free and costs either $85 for a year or $255 for a lifetime membership, something I got myself after using the service for a year.

BUT Good news – you can try it for free for 2 weeks and see if you like it prior to subscribing.

And if you do decide to go for a premium version, I am in their affiliate program and with my link (click here), you can get a 50% OFF any plan!

Definitely, try it first and see if your productivity goes up!

“Music without words, or simply instrumental music, is the best one for work and the one that will really help you to focus”

Tauras Sinkus


spotify music for work and deep focus

Spotify has over 150 million active monthly users and is the world’s most popular music streaming app.

Of course, they have lots of playlists dedicated to focus and productivity.

My favorite one is created by Spotify staff themselves and is called ‘Beats to Think to’.

It’s a house, electronic type of music, a bit uptempo, with no lyrics and has worked quite effectively for me.

Alternatively, there are playlists called ‘Music for concentration’ or ‘Music for focus’, that are quite effective too.

The playlists are regularly refreshed so you won’t get bored of the same songs over and over again.

Spotify has a free version that includes ads, or you can go for their premium subscription to enjoy it interruption-free.

What's next?

Try these 3 amazing sources of music for work for yourself and I promise, you will see a difference in your productivity!

You can even combine it with noise-canceling headphones to get more immersive experience.

If you want to get more into the topic of mindfulness, join our 21-Day Unplug Challenge by subscribing here.


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Tauras Sinkus

Tauras Sinkus

Tauras is the founder and face of the 21 Day Hero. While being obsessed with mind and productivity hacks, he is hooked up with HIIT type group training and cooking gourmet meals almost every day. Tauras is widely known in the startup community for his kick-ass social media and marketing skills too!
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