3 chrome extensions
to Stop Procrastination

Today’s topic is about nothing more than our dear old friend or foe Procrastination.

Its presence never fails to show when we’re pressed by our deepest need to escape reality, and by escaping reality I’m referring to your tasks, goals, projects, anything that actually has an impact on your life.

It’s in these precise moments prior to completion that our confrere procrastination does its best work.

So how can we stop procrastination?

Is there an actual limit of tabs you can open on Chrome?

It takes a tremendous amount of self-control not to fall under the enchantment of tabs.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were revealed that tabs and procrastination were working in cahoots – you know, one leads us there and the other keeps us there. Perfect crime plan.

Below I will cover 3 chrome extensions that can actually help to stop procrastination and prevent from getting distracted over and over again.

Block site - stop procrastination

Block Site helps you block sites you no longer wish to revisit. The duration of the quarantine of each site totally depends on you.

Block Site acts as a blacklist for sites that you judge to be too distracting to use while working on whichever task you’ve set yourself to accomplish in a given period of time. As long as the extension is active, your distractions will stay astray.

To take it a step further, the extension allows you to schedule your blocks, which can be handy when working on a specific schedule whether it’s at the office, at home or on a ‘vacation’. You may choose for example to block social media sites if you’re into digital media –  you are free to set your block time ranges as you desire.

There are other extensions that provide equal assistance, however, Block Site stands out of the crowd for its exceptional and entertaining User Experience.

As you know when kids are repeatedly told not to touch something, that is at that instant that a burning fire of curiosity is born within them, and we’re all the same. Consequently, Block Site has established a backup plan when you stubbornly decide to adventure to one of your blocked sites. Instead of a landing page, a funny photo will be displayed to make you smile (see image above).

Block Site also has an Android app for your phone,  so don’t get surprised when you get blocked out of the sites you want to mindlessly check while in bed.

Kill NewsFeed - stop procrastination

Kill News Feed operates singularly on Facebook’s platform and as the name indicates, the extension is a newsfeed killer.

Facebook has hypnotizing features inviting one to stay captive to its newsfeed. This extension helps you save time by eliminating distractions that can hinder you from focusing on a specific task.

The previous App Block Site didn’t supply the option to partially disable a website, which is what Kill News Feed does. The latter enables you to enjoy the functionalities of Facebook while detangling yourself from the tempting newsfeed that’s generally built up to make us spend more time on it by relentlessly scrolling our eyes.

While that can be really useful at times, it’s not always the best choice when it comes to our own productivity.

I’ve personally been using Kill News Feed for the last 4 or 5 years and I can honestly say that it’s been a bliss. I’m using Facebook a lot more effectively and efficiently and to top it all I have more ME time.
stop procrastination

Let’s reel back into the past real quick so you can remember the feeling of being a teenager – excited and impatient to spend the allowance your parents had given you.

StayFocusd is the same, only in this scenario, you’re both the parent and the teenager, and you get to gauge your own allowance and allocate it as you please.

The extension is quite similar to Block Site in the blocking sense, however, Stayfocusd lets you adjust the time you’d like to spend on each site per day. The freedom to be mindless still exist, but at a monitored level.

How does it work? Let’s say you’re a generous binge watcher of series and Netflix has got you hooked to the core! You can allocate your allowance to get rid of this bad habit. E.g. say you spend 6 hours on Netflix but want to cut it to half that amount per day.

And knowing you only got few hours for Netflix you will want to make that time count (no more mindless breezing through worthless series!).

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Why should you use the extensions?

Think of all the other great stuff you can accomplish with a few extra hours in a day.

Those hours can be spent on activities such as reading, sleeping, learning,  reconnecting with yourself, your friends and family.

By being aware of how much time you spend online and using extensions to help you manage that time, you will become more aware of how precious your time actually is.

If you want to start already today and become more mindful, join our 21-Day Unplug Challenge by subscribing here.


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WHAT's Next?

 I hope this post brought you peace in the sense that being online doesn’t mean you can’t concentrate, it’s all about willpower.

After your windows are active, let them do the work, simply follow the schedule of your own agenda and get your work done, together we can! Well, with help of the extensions tool, of course, we can stop procrastination.

If you know any additional ways to stop procrastination, drop us a comment below, we’re all here to help each moving.



Tauras Sinkus

Tauras Sinkus

Tauras is the founder and face of the 21 Day Hero. While being obsessed with mind and productivity hacks, he is hooked up with HIIT type group training and cooking gourmet meals almost every day. Tauras is widely known in the startup community for his kick-ass social media and marketing skills too!
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