21-Day DRINK only water CHALLENGE

✅Detox your body ✅ look younger
✅ and sustain your weight


Would you like to detox your body and feel lighter?

  • Learn to live without caffeine?
  • See your skin getting brighter and younger with each day?
  • Drop few extra pounds by simply changing your drinking habits?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, then you are at the right place.

21 Day Drink Only Water

Water is crucial for you and your wellbeing – it is your body’s principal chemical component, responsible for the proper functioning of our organs, tissues and cells. Though, you still struggle to drink enough of it: grab coffee in the mornings, sugary drinks and/or alcohol almost automatically when you face them.  

By accepting the 21 Day Drink Only Water challenge you can finally give yourself a chance to detox your system, improve your health and develop a healthy habit of drinking (more) water. Without having to embark a complicated diet or spend hours in the gym – simply drink more water.

Wait no more – accept the 21-day water challenge and every day for the next 21 days receive a new action from 21 Day Hero in your challenge dashboard, followed by an email reminder, supporting you day by day until you are free from your toxic relationship with caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol.

By the end of the 21-day Water Challenge you will notice a difference in your mood, energy levels, will feel clearer and lighter than ever.

3 benefits you can expect after successfully completing this challenge:

Eliminate toxins from your body

Reduce body fat with intermittent Fasting

Enhance metabolism

fast fasting

Younger looking skin

The benefits you can expect from Drink Only Water Challenge:

  • Eliminate toxins from your body
  • Enhance metabolism and digestion
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Clear your mind and improve brain function
  • Improve physical performance
  • Clear your skin and make it look younger

Challenge Guidelines:

Water Only

Drink water as the only beverage​


min 2l a day

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

No additives

Plain water only without any additives​


The 3-Week Curriculum in a nutshell

Once you sign up, you’ll get all the material you’ll need to succeed once you start the challenge, incl. a detailed ‘what to drink/no to drink list’, tools to track your progress and much more. 

Challenge guide, fun Daily Actions plan, Meal ideas and Facebook community of people who are on the same journey. That’s what makes this challenge so powerful!

The first week sets the foundation for drinking more water and learning to resist the temptation of coffee, tea or an afterwork drink.

You will focus on establishing a sustainable routine that will help you to drink more water as the day goes by and will get introduced to different tools to support your daily water consumption goals.

The second week of the challenge is focused on teaching you how to use the behavioral science for your advantage and to help you resist cravings for other beverages. We will show you how to make water more appealing and introduce a reward element to help you continue with your goals.

Also, over the course of the second week you will get to build upon your new healthy routine.

The last week of the challenge is focused on making sure the habit of drinking more water stays with you for life.

We will support your transition into a healthier sustainable lifestyle by introducing you to the benefits of healthy nutrition and teaching you few hacks to help you choose more balanced food choices.

All of this included when you sign up today:

  • E-book 21-Day Drink Only Water Challenge Guide with 7 pages of comprehensive information (pdf)​
  • List of 'What to Drink / Not to Drink' (pdf)
  • 21-Day Challenge Action Plan​ (pdf)
  • Progress Tracking Sheet​ (pdf)
  • Access to 21 Day Hero Member Zone
  • Daily action, further learning and inspiration
  • Exclusive Facebook accountability group to help you complete the challenge successfully
  • Introduction to healthier nutrition basics


The challenge starts every Monday and you will get grouped with others joining the Challenge on the same date (optional, on Facebook group). This is also when you will start receiving your daily Challenge material. 

E.g. , If you sign up for a Challenge on a Wednesday, you will join the upcoming Monday’s challenge.

If you sign up for a Challenge late on a Sunday night (past midnight, so technically Monday am), you will get to wait for the next Monday week after to start the challenge. 

Don’t miss it out – secure your spot before it’s too late!







Hi, I'm Dovile.

I am an entrepreneur, wife and sort of a healthy lifestyle freak. Also, founder of 21 Day Hero. 

I lost weight, cleared out my problematic acne-pro skin and drastically increased my energy levels when I started drinking more water and reduced intake of other beverages. I put my own experience + proven habit building methods that have worked on so many other people for you to get the same amazing results from the 21-Day Drink Only Water Challenge!

Amazing people, who already took:

21 Day Drink Only Water Challenge

21 Day Ketogenic Challenge Diet
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It’s quite simple. 

  1. Immediately after signing up, you will receive your login to the 21 Day Hero Member Zone. Your login information will also be sent to your per email.
  2. Once you login to the Member Zone, you will be able to see your Challenge on the Dashboard.
  3. Click on the respective Challenge to access your onboarding material and Challenge Guide pdf.
  4. Starting from Day 1 till 21, you’ll be getting daily info with a clear action to take + daily knowledge and inspiration nugget. Daily content unlocks each day of the challenge on the Member Zone . In addition, you will also receive a daily reminder per e-mail.
  5. You’ll be able to track your overall challenge progress on the Dashboard and also using the Progress Tracking Sheet in the Challenge guide.
  6. To make sure you’re getting the most of your challenge, you will get invited to join an exclusive Facebook community. Your habit coaches and other challenge takers will be there to check in with you regularly and ask any questions you might have.

** The Challenge always starts on a Monday! 

The challenge always start on a Monday.

If you sign up for a Challenge on a Wednesday, you will join the upcoming Monday’s challenge.

If you sign up for a Challenge late on a Sunday night (past midnight, so technically Monday am), you will get to wait for the next Monday week after to start the challenge.

Once you sign up for the program, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with your Member Zone login where you will find the Challenge Guide along with checklist for the next steps. 

This program is designed with a busy lifestyle in mind. Actually, a lot of people reported feeling more productive due to spending less time preparing and eating meals.

All you need is 5-10 minutes a day to read daily content that helps you reach best results possible!

Let’s be honest, free things do not motivate us. Cognitive psychologists found out why and they call it loss aversion. In simple terms, we are more motivated by fear of losing rather than a satisfaction of gaining.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but by paying for this challenge, you have a higher chance of successfully completing it and therefore enjoying all the benefits associated with drinking more water and reducing intake of other beverages.

Also – it supports us and our team to keep providing you a ton of useful content that we share every week for free.

If you haven’t received your email from 21 Day Hero, please check your spam/junk and promotions folder – it might have accidentally landed there. You can also make a search in your inbox for an email from hello@21dayhero.com.

If after doing the search you are still unable to locate our email, please reach out to us on support@21dayhero.com . We will do our best to help you out!

In the days when we might feel like our data is mistreated more often when we want to, at 21 Day Hero we put a great emphasis on making sure your privacy is respected at all times.

As stated in our Privacy Policy, we do not and will never share any personal data we collect (like Name and Email) with any third-parties. 

We have no-questions-asked refund policy for all refund requests made within 24 hours of purchase. Due to the nature of the intellectual property, we will not be able to provide refunds after that. Exceptions can be made in the case of a medical emergency accompanied by reasonable evidence, or if you contact us at support@21dayhero.com.

Well, it’s definitely on us. We’d love to hear more about your questions, concerns or suggestions at support@21dayhero.com.

6 things that makes this challenge worth it

The principles to better health

Water has healing benefits, and this has been widely known for ages. By embarking the 21-Day Drink Only Water challenge you get to establish healthy habit of drinking more water and reducing your dependence on caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol. Over time, healthy drinking will lead you to a healthier eating and you will find yourself living a healthier life.

Proven Habit Building science methods

At 21 Day Hero, we use behavioral change psychology of taking tiny steps daily to reach great results over time. During the 21-Day Drink Only Water challenge you will learn how to build your routine of drinking water through the day without even having to make big efforts.

Learning more every day

During the challenge you focus on learning one thing at a time without spending more than 10 minutes a day. Not only will you learn to drink more water and how to break free from caffeine dependency, you will also be introduced to the basics of healthy nutrition that will enhance your life.

Feeling stronger and more powerful than ever

As the challenge advances, you will experience that you don’t actually need caffeine to be able to hit the day or focus at work. This feeling is extremely liberating - you will suddenly find yourself in control of your life, feeling greater and stronger than ever.

Developing a habit for lasting change

The 21-Day No Sugar challenge is designed to help you develop a habit of drinking more water and making it a sustainable routine. You will notice how you naturally start to drink more without having to make big efforts. Also, the more days you manage to say NO caffeine and alcohol, the more freedom you will gain over your lifestyle choices and the easier it will get. There’s no going back.

fast fasting

Keeping you engaged

While participating in the challenge, you receive daily e-mails from us with special tasks for each day. This makes the challenge simple, fun and keeps you motivated to continue your healthy journey. Also, the daily reminders act as a powerful accountability support system that empowers you to reach greater results.

21 Day Drink Only Water Challenge

$ 29
One-time payment in USD
This Challenge includes
  • Access across all devices
  • Full Lifetime Access in the Member Zone
  • E-book 21-Day Drink Only Water Challenge Guide (pdf)​
  • 21 Day Challenge Action Plan
  • Daily Action Tips + Email reminders
  • Exclusive community of like-minded people from all over the world

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